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PhreakNet is operated by several volunteers. As such, you'll want to use the appropriate channels to reach the PhreakNet administrative operations team.

The best way to contact us is by telephone. You can call the Business Office at 811 on PhreakNet and an administrator will be happy to assist you. If all representatives are busy when you call, try again a little bit later. The Business Office is staffed on a volunteer basis and is not open all the time.

If you are calling from outside PhreakNet, you may use one of the following DISAs:

If you're unable to get in touch with us by phone, please email the public board distribution list at board [at] You may also open a ticket at InterLinked Issues — make sure to choose "PhreakNet" as the category. Either make your ticket public, or if it has personal information in it, set the visibility to "Group".

Please do NOT:

Doing any of the above is expressly discouraged and will likely delay your request.

If you are having technical issues, you should call Repair Service at 611. Please be sure to provide the PhreakNet telephone number with issues, your ATA's MAC address, your public IP address, and a working PhreakNet number or email address if we need to contact you. This will help expedite your request.

If you have a Grandstream ATA, firmware versions 1.0.43 and 1.0.45 are known defective. You must manually revert to firmware or fast forward to pre-release firmware 1.0.47. We cannot assist you if you have one of these defective firmware versions, until you replace it.