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PhreakNet, n. 1. A unique collectors', phreaks', and switchers' telephone network 2. A community of telephony enthusiasts engaging in the present to preserve the past for the future 3. a historical recreation of the mid-20th century North American phone network.

PhreakNet is the world's most authentic, feature-rich switched and simulated recreation of the mid-20th century North American phone network. PhreakNet allows for seamless time-travel into the past — by telephone, that is! PhreakNet connects old switching equipment together, but it's also much more than that. It's people connected to each other, and to the past. It's a unique experience, and it doesn't exist in any one place — it reaches out through every telephone set on the network to touch the lives of its members.

Core Values & Tenets

PhreakNet is a network, but it's ultimately a network connecting people together. Several core values are central to everything comprising PhreakNet:

For further information, please reference the Community Guidelines.

What is PhreakNet?

First of all, what is PhreakNet not? It's not a way to make free phone calls from point A to point B. It's not a common carrier public telecom provider. That's what the PSTN is for. If you came here looking for a free way to call Timbuktu, you came to the wrong place.

PhreakNet is a VoIP phone network that ties new and vintage telephone switching systems together, connecting telephone collectors, phreaks, and enthusiasts. PhreakNet is a cutting edge network to facilitate yesterday's and tomorrow's communications needs. Bell System Practices are frequently referenced in the PhreakNet community, but documentation of all flavors is also a useful reference.

Here are just a few of the attributes of the network: