Mountain Electric


PSTN DISA — (315) 898-1680
C*NET DISA — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via StepNet
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

147 listings

N. AlbertBE1-3262MusicSmooth Radio London
N. AlbertBE1-3500MusicCount Down Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3541MusicRAB Radio 1
N. AlbertBE1-3544MusicThe UK 1950s Radio Station
N. AlbertBE1-3545MusicPumpkin FM
N. AlbertBE1-3550Music50s All Time Greatest
N. AlbertBE1-3551MusicJust Classic Rock
N. AlbertBE1-3554MusicOldies 104
N. AlbertBE1-3555MusicTopshelf Oldies
N. AlbertBE1-3560Music50s and 60s Hits — HitsRadio
N. AlbertBE1-3561Music50s and 60s — 1.FM
N. AlbertBE1-3562MusicAll 60s All The Time
N. AlbertBE1-3566Music60s Chartbusters
N. AlbertBE1-3568MusicGreat Oldies —
N. AlbertBE1-3569MusicBeatles Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3571MusicFlower Power Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3577Music Nostalgie Chansons Françaises (French Oldies)
N. AlbertBE1-3877MusicVPR Jazz24 (x3VPR)
N. AlbertBE1-3967MusicWYMS FM 89.9 (x3YMS)
N. AlbertBE1-3979MusicAll Classical Network
N. AlbertBE1-4040Music"Time Out" — Dave Brubeck
N. AlbertBE1-4050Music"50s on 50"
N. AlbertBE1-4060Music"60s on 60"
N. AlbertBE1-4061MusicNon-Stop Beatles Hits [oldest to newest]
N. AlbertBE1-4062MusicNon-Stop Beatles Hits [random order]
N. AlbertBE1-4063MusicYour favorite hits from ex-Beatle Paul McCartney
N. AlbertBE1-4064MusicYour favorite hits from ex-Beatle John Lennon
N. AlbertBE1-4065MusicYour favorite hits from ex-Beatle George Harrison
N. AlbertBE1-4066Music Your favorite hits from ex-Beatle Ringo Starr
N. AlbertBE1-4070Music"70s on 70"
N. AlbertBE1-4080Music"80s on 80"
N. AlbertBE1-4090Music"90s on 90"
N. AlbertBE1-4110MusicNon-Stop Bob Dylan
N. AlbertBE1-4211Music Commercial-Free Christmas Music
N. AlbertBE1-4311MusicBreaking Up Is Hard On You
N. AlbertBE1-4312MusicAll Alone By The Telephone
N. AlbertBE1-4313MusicHanging on the Telephone
N. AlbertBE1-4321MusicBlue Danube Waltz [regular speed]
N. AlbertBE1-4322MusicBlue Danube Waltz [fast-forwarded]
N. AlbertBE1-4333MusicCrossbar Tandem XBT Remix - feat. Evan Doorbell
N. AlbertBE1-4510MusicDTMF Happy Birthday v1
N. AlbertBE1-4511MusicDTMF Happy Birthday v2
N. AlbertBE1-4512MusicDTMF Happy Birthday v3
N. AlbertBE1-4513MusicDTMF Mary Had A Little Lamb v1
N. AlbertBE1-4514MusicDTMF Mary Had A Little Lamb v2
N. AlbertBE1-4515MusicDTMF Mary Had A Little Lamb v3
N. AlbertBE1-4516MusicDTMF Louie Louie
N. AlbertBE1-4517MusicDTMF Frere Jacques v1
N. AlbertBE1-4518MusicDTMF Frere Jacques v2
N. AlbertBE1-4519MusicDTMF Frere Jacques v3
N. AlbertBE1-4522MusicDTMF Funkytown
N. AlbertBE1-4523MusicDTMF London Bridge Is Falling Down
N. AlbertBE1-4524MusicDTMF Auld Lang Syne
N. AlbertBE1-4591MusicMusic On Hold "Cold Day"
N. AlbertBE1-4592MusicMusic On Hold "Robot Dity"
N. AlbertBE1-4593MusicMusic On Hold "The Simplicity"
N. AlbertBE1-4594MusicMusic On Hold "Manolo Camp Morning Coffee"
N. AlbertBE1-4595MusicMusic On Hold "Reno Project System"
N. AlbertBE1-4599MusicMusic On Hold ALL
N. AlbertBE1-4700MusicCVP All (plays all demo music from a Yamaha CVP 201 electronic piano)
N. AlbertBE1-4701MusicCVP #1: Piano Concerto
N. AlbertBE1-4702Music CVP #2: Pop Orchestra
N. AlbertBE1-4703MusicCVP #3: Lyric Demo (Beautiful Dreamer)
N. AlbertBE1-4704MusicCVP #4: Guide Demo
N. AlbertBE1-4705MusicCVP Style: 8 Beat 1
N. AlbertBE1-4706MusicCVP Style: 8 Beat Ballad
N. AlbertBE1-4707MusicCVP Style: 16 Beat 1
N. AlbertBE1-4708MusicCVP Style: Soft Fusion
N. AlbertBE1-4709MusicCVP Style: 16 Ballad 1
N. AlbertBE1-4710MusicCVP Style: Slow Rock 1
N. AlbertBE1-4711MusicCVP Style: Clubdance
N. AlbertBE1-4712MusicCVP Style: Miami Pop
N. AlbertBE1-4713MusicCVP Style: R&B - Rock & Roll
N. AlbertBE1-4714MusicCVP Style: R&B - Rhythm & Blues 1
N. AlbertBE1-4715MusicCVP Style: 8 Beat Ballad 2
N. AlbertBE1-4716MusicCVP Style: Ragtime 2
N. AlbertBE1-4717MusicCVP Style: Jazz Trio
N. AlbertBE1-4718Music CVP Style: Big Band 2
N. AlbertBE1-4719MusicCVP Style: Samba Rio
N. AlbertBE1-4720MusicCVP Style: Pop Reggae
N. AlbertBE1-4721MusicCVP Style: Country Shuffle
N. AlbertBE1-4722Music CVP Style: Two Step
N. AlbertBE1-4723MusicCVP Style: Rhumba
N. AlbertBE1-4724MusicCVP Style: Quickstep 2
N. AlbertBE1-4725Music CVP Style: 6/8 March 1
N. AlbertBE1-4726MusicCVP Style: Musette
N. AlbertBE1-4727MusicCVP Voice: Grand Piano
N. AlbertBE1-4728MusicCVP Voice: Mellow Piano
N. AlbertBE1-4729Music CVP Voice: Venus EP
N. AlbertBE1-4730Music CVP Voice: Stage EP 2
N. AlbertBE1-4731MusicCVP Voice: Spanish Guitar
N. AlbertBE1-4732Music CVP Voice: Jazz Guitar 1
N. AlbertBE1-4733MusicCVP Voice: Warm Pad
N. AlbertBE1-4734MusicCVP Voice: Harp Pad
N. AlbertBE1-4735MusicCVP Voice: Jazz Organ 2
N. AlbertBE1-4736MusicCVP Voice: Class. Organ
N. AlbertBE1-4737Music CVP Voice: Cello
N. AlbertBE1-4738MusicCVP Voice: Strings Slow
N. AlbertBE1-4739MusicCVP Voice: Sweet Trumpet [#1]
N. AlbertBE1-4740MusicCVP Voice: Sweet Trumpet [#2]
N. AlbertBE1-4741MusicCVP Voice: Tenor Sax
N. AlbertBE1-4742MusicCVP Voice: Flute
N. AlbertBE1-4743MusicCVP Voice: Acoustic Bass
N. AlbertBE1-4744MusicCVP Voice: E. Bass Slap
N. AlbertBE1-4745MusicCVP Voice: Vibes
N. AlbertBE1-4746MusicCVP Voice: Standard Kit
N. AlbertBE1-4747Music CVP Voice: Piano Heaven
N. AlbertBE1-4748MusicCVP Voice: Brass & Sax 2
N. AlbertBE1-4749MusicCVP Voice: XG Voices [#1]
N. AlbertBE1-4750MusicCVP Voice: XG Voices [#2]
N. AlbertBE1-4799MusicCVP Random
N. AlbertBE1-4800MusicUSAD All
N. AlbertBE1-4801MusicUSAD: Threnody For The Victims of Hiroshima
N. AlbertBE1-4802MusicUSAD: Free Jazz
N. AlbertBE1-4803MusicUSAD: War Requiem I (Requiem aeternam)
N. AlbertBE1-4804Music USAD: War Requiem II (Dies irae)
N. AlbertBE1-4805MusicUSAD: In C
N. AlbertBE1-4806MusicUSAD: It's Gonna Rain
N. AlbertBE1-4807MusicUSAD: Aquarius
N. AlbertBE1-4808Music USAD: A Love Supreme
N. AlbertBE1-4809MusicUSAD: Mr. Tambourine Man
N. AlbertBE1-4810MusicUSAD: Stop! In The Name of Love
N. AlbertBE1-4811MusicUSAD: Free Jazz
N. AlbertBE1-4812MusicUSAD: Sinfonia Mvmt. 3
N. AlbertBE1-4813MusicUSAD: In a Silent Way
N. AlbertBE1-4814MusicUSAD: White Rabbit
N. AlbertBE1-4815Music USAD Random
N. AlbertBE1-4816MusicA Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
N. AlbertBE1-4817MusicMasters of War
N. AlbertBE1-4818MusicThe Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
N. AlbertBE1-5421MusicDTMF Jingle Bells
N. AlbertBE4-5000MusicPEnnsylvania6-5000
N. AlbertBE4-5309Music867-5309/Jenny
N. AlbertBE4-5789MusicBEechwood4-5789 (Marvelettes)
N. AlbertFL5-2222MusicBell System Theme Song
R. GrantGI2-7422MusicMuzak
R. GrantGI2-7423MusicPenetration by Mr Concept!
R. GrantGI2-7424MusicOrganic Sonic Collective Jukebox
N. AlbertOL0-5732MusicKPFA FM 94.1 Berkeley
N. AlbertOL0-6110MusicMilwaukee Area NOAA Weather Radio KEC60
N. AlbertOL0-9377MusicFlower Power Radio Current Song Metadata
N. AlbertOL0-9554MusicWKLH FM 96.5 Milwaukee
N. AlbertOL0-9555MusicWKLH FM 96.5 Milwaukee - Current Song Metadata
N. AlbertOL0-9748MusicWRIT FM 95.7 Milwaukee - Live
N. AlbertOL0-9749MusicWRIT FM 95.7 Milwaukee - Current Song Metadata
N. AlbertPE6-5000MusicPEnnsylvania6-5000 (Glenn Miller Orchestra)
N. Albert867-5309MusicTuTone, Jenny