Mountain Electric



  • US PSTN — (315) 898-1680
  • US PSTN — (470) 480-3236
  • US PSTN — (929) 444-7176
  • US PSTN — (415) 475-9034
  • UK PSTN — +44 (0) 560-386-9932
  • UK PSTN — +44 7441 428054
  • C*NET — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 511 — Weather Forecast
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 117 — Telegrams
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct-dial
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via 2600 Hz trunk
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

Priority & Precedence

  • (None) — Routine
  • D — Priority
  • C — Immediate
  • B — Flash
  • A — Flash Override

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R. Grant442-0041Loop AroundLoop Around Side A
R. Grant442-0042Loop AroundLoop Around Side B
R. Grant442-0174RingbackRingback Test - calls you back
R. Grant442-1001TelephoneTest Desk OADBLERODS1
R. Grant442-1111DISADISA
R. Grant442-1212Time and TemperatureSpeaking Clock - Rob Grant
R. Grant442-2000TelephoneRob Grant - Residence :
R. Grant442-2111ConferenceConference Bridge
R. Grant442-2124Time and TemperatureSpeaking Clock - Gordon Gow
R. Grant442-2676SillyMadame Julia helps you to relax
R. Grant442-2766SillyMadame Julia tells your fortune
R. Grant442-2778SillyMiss Trisha
R. Grant442-3000Answering MachineGibson Guestbook - leave a message for posterity...
R. Grant442-3001Answering MachineGibson Guestbook - listen to the messages!
R. Grant442-3100MusicClassic Music on Hold
R. Grant442-3101MusicMusic on Hold music box
R. Grant442-3102MusicSankyo Music on Hold
R. Grant442-3240Answering MachineFamily Guy 80s Answering Machine
R. Grant442-3250Answering MachineRecreation of 'George' - apologies and thanks to Evan Doorbell!
R. Grant442-3251Answering MachinePlantations
R. Grant442-3252Answering MachineEarly Bird
R. Grant442-3253Answering MachineSam White
R. Grant442-3254Answering MachineElmo
R. Grant442-3255Answering MachineJWI Bags
R. Grant442-3256Answering MachineFrank
R. Grant442-3257Answering MachineAnne - 5 seconds
R. Grant442-3258Answering MachineHMZ Answering Machine
R. Grant442-3259Answering MachineAlanski
R. Grant442-3260Answering MachineDoctor Carson
R. Grant442-3261Answering MachineGoing to the Store
R. Grant442-3262Answering MachineSouth Western Bell
R. Grant442-3263Answering MachineBell Voicemail
R. Grant442-3264Answering MachineCurtis 1000
R. Grant442-3265LennyLenny
R. Grant442-3266LennyScottish Lady
R. Grant442-3267LennyGlobal Helpdesk
R. Grant442-3268Answering MachineVintage Answering Machine
R. Grant442-3269Answering MachineLes' Answering Machine
R. Grant442-3271Answering MachineATV Answering Service
R. Grant442-3273Answering MachineHigh School
R. Grant442-3274Answering MachineThe Phone Mail System Lady
R. Grant442-3275Answering MachineDrab Woman
R. Grant442-3276InformationalCovert Lane Reservoir Telemetry
R. Grant442-3277SillyBritish Methane - can you get through to someone?
R. Grant442-3281Answering MachineCrossroads Motel
R. Grant442-3282SillyWilkinson's Sound Effects Box
R. Grant442-3283Answering MachineAlliance and Leicester Building Society
R. Grant442-3284SillyDaniel O'Donnell
R. Grant442-3285SillyIn a Queue
R. Grant442-3288SillyThe Maples Surgery - 3 precious minutes you'll never have again...
R. Grant442-3289Answering MachineMaples Surgery - original
R. Grant442-3291SillyJoke of the Day
R. Grant442-3292SillyCall Centre
R. Grant442-3293SillyDad Joke
R. Grant442-3319TestUK Maintenance Analysis Test Number
R. Grant442-3341Answering MachineFound Answering Machine messages from 1980s
R. Grant442-3399TestUK Test Number
R. Grant442-3900SillyThe Sea
R. Grant442-3901SillyA selection of toy telephone ringtones
R. Grant442-3902RecordingFone79 - misc recordings of phone calls
R. Grant442-3903Silly'Calling London' - surrealistic audio montage
R. Grant442-3904SillyDial Intergalactica
R. Grant442-3905SillyFantastic Fone Funnies - from The Voice Squad
R. Grant442-3906SillyIVR Adventure game - by QRLEON
R. Grant442-3907RecordingColin Wants to be a Millionaire - phone a friend
R. Grant442-3908Silly'Found' Answering machines from 'Soundgrabs'
R. Grant442-3909SillyDecision Maker - Yes or No? Let us decide...
R. Grant442-3910SillyMargaret Thatcher's top tips for politicians
R. Grant442-3911TonesSingle Tones increasing in frequency
R. Grant442-3930RecordingLynden B Johnson Whitehouse Recordings
R. Grant442-3940RecordingVintage radio Commercials
R. Grant442-3942RecordingFence Wires near Silbury Hill and Long Barrow by John Grzinich
R. Grant442-3960RecordingLBJ Recordings - Whitehouse Crossed Line
R. Grant442-3961RecordingSSAC9 Answer tone medley - culled from Noel Edmond's Parank Phone Calls 1970s
R. Grant442-3964RecordingSSAC9 Answer - hello - Clear - culled from Noel Edmond's Parank Phone Calls 1970s
R. Grant442-4101RecordingWindsor Hum - Documentary by 20KHz #03 Windsor Hum
R. Grant442-4102RecordingSpace - Documentary by 20KHz #11 Space Sounds
R. Grant442-4103RecordingSpooky Sounds - Documentary by 20KHz #27 Spooky Sounds
R. Grant442-4104RecordingDocumentary - Documentary by 20KHz
R. Grant442-4105RecordingMuzak - Documentary by 20KHz #34 Muzak
R. Grant442-4106RecordingASMR - Documentary by 20KHz #40 ASMR
R. Grant442-4107RecordingThe Theramin - Documentary by 20KHz #52 The Theremin
R. Grant442-4108RecordingSonic Utopia - Documentary by 20KHz #109 Sonic Utopia
R. Grant442-4109RecordingThe Buzzer - Documentary by 20KHz The Buzzer
R. Grant442-4510TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling Canada
R. Grant442-4511TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 1 (non USA)
R. Grant442-4512TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 2
R. Grant442-4513TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zones 3 & 4
R. Grant442-4514TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling Sydney Australia
R. Grant442-4515TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 5
R. Grant442-4516TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 6
R. Grant442-4517TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 7
R. Grant442-4518TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 8
R. Grant442-4519TonesRandom tones and announcement recordings dialling World Zone 9
R. Grant442-4520InformationalAutomatic Announcements 1957
R. Grant442-4530TonesBristol Congestion Announcement
R. Grant442-4531TonesLondon Congestion Announcement
R. Grant442-4533TonesScarborough Fire
R. Grant442-4534TonesReading CNA
R. Grant442-4535TonesLeicester Short Code Access CNA
R. Grant442-4536Tones024029 CNA
R. Grant442-4537TonesLeicester 2xxxx CNA
R. Grant442-4541TonesSpeaking Clock example
R. Grant442-4542TonesSpeaking Clock example
R. Grant442-4543TonesSpeaking Clock example
R. Grant442-4544TonesSpeaking Clock example
R. Grant442-4555TonesTMC Supplementary Services Unit internal Voice Prompts
R. Grant442-4600TonesC62A Cassette recording of misc tones
R. Grant442-4601TonesBulk dump of telephone tones and announcements
R. Grant442-4602TonesPay Tone - Old UK Payphone tone requesting coin insertion
R. Grant442-4603TonesRingtone Medley
R. Grant442-4604TonesUK Ringtone with EET bleed through
R. Grant442-4620TonesATE PAX Dial Tone
R. Grant442-4621TonesATE PAX Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4622TonesATE PAX Busy Tone
R. Grant442-4625TonesPABX6 Dial Tone
R. Grant442-4626TonesPABX6 Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4627TonesPABX6 Busy Tone
R. Grant442-4628TonesPABX6 Number Unobtainable Tone
R. Grant442-4630TonesNippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Dial Tone demo
R. Grant442-4631TonesNippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Ring Tone demo
R. Grant442-4632TonesNippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Busy Tone demo
R. Grant442-4633TonesNippon Telephony Inc/Newtech NT-104 ‘Easyswitch’ Intercom/PABX Music on hold demo
R. Grant442-4635TonesBT 2+8 Dial Tone
R. Grant442-4636TonesBT 2+8 Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4637TonesBT 2+8 Busy Tone
R. Grant442-4638TonesBT 2+8 Number Unobtainable Tone
R. Grant442-4650TonesRinging Machine 2A Dial Tone
R. Grant442-4651TonesRinging Machine 2A Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4652TonesRinging Machine 2A Busy Tone
R. Grant442-4653TonesRinging Machine 2A Cont Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4654TonesRinging Machine 2A Interrupted Ring Tone
R. Grant442-4655TonesRinging Machine 2A Number Unobtainable Tone
R. Grant442-4700RecordingConnecting Noise Medley
R. Grant442-4701RecordingBackground Noise Medley
R. Grant442-4702RecordingCable Fault at Evington Exchange 1980's
R. Grant442-4703RecordingElmer Cat's Noise Recordings from YouTube
R. Grant442-4704RecordingMetering Over Junction (MOJ) noise on a UK International Call
R. Grant442-5000TestTest Number
R. Grant442-5555TonesPost Office test Transmission
R. Grant442-6201RecordingMontfort ATE - Crossbar Exchange Room Sounds from 1980s
R. Grant442-6202RecordingEast Langton UAX13 on a Sunday afternoon 1980s
R. Grant442-6203RecordingNarborough 10,000 Line 2000 Type Strowger Exchange room sounds 1977
R. Grant442-6262RecordingPulse Generator 23A
R. Grant442-6300InformationalMiss Ethel Cain - Winner of the Golden Voice 1935 - On Pronunciation
R. Grant442-6301InformationalWorlds first talking clock turns 80
R. Grant442-6302InformationalGPO Long Distance telephony
R. Grant442-6303InformationalAn Intro to the GPO 1954
R. Grant442-6304InformationalA BT Christmas Carol
R. Grant442-6305RecordingThomas Watson speaking
R. Grant442-6306RecordingUK 2VF Signalling Demo
R. Grant442-6307RecordingSpeaking Clock 1954 - British Pathe News
R. Grant442-6308RecordingSpeaking Clock 1935 - British Movietone News
R. Grant442-6310RecordingOpen Source Telephony Using Asterisk and VOIP by Daryll Strauss
R. Grant442-6311RecordingTelephone Talk' by Kristen Hammer & Denilso de Lima
R. Grant442-6312RecordingDonald Sherman orders a pizza with a computer 1974.
R. Grant442-6313RecordingThe voice of Alexander Graham Bell - 'Hear my voice!'
R. Grant442-6314SillyLegendary comedian Dave Allen talks about telephones... contains adult language!
R. Grant442-6320RecordingHell's Bells
R. Grant442-6330Recording'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part a.
R. Grant442-6331Recording'Off the Hook' 1998-10-07 part b.
R. Grant442-6332Recording'Off the Hook' 1989-07-25.
R. Grant442-6333Recording'Off the Hook' 1993-12-22.
R. Grant442-6334Recording'Off the Hook' 1994-02-02.
R. Grant442-6335RecordingTelephone Effects (78rpm record)
R. Grant442-6336Recording - Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc. 1963
R. Grant442-6337RecordingPulse click Põlva County Estonia - pulsing click sound on old telephone wires by John Grzinich
R. Grant442-6338RecordingMajor records - Bells and Buzzers (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6339Recording#63 Phone Tones by Twenty Thousand Hertz
R. Grant442-6340SillyCohen on Telephone Etiquette (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6341SillyCohen at the Telephone (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6401MusicOrganic Sonic Collective Jukebox
R. Grant442-6412MusicMuzak
R. Grant442-6413MusicPenetration by Mr Concept!
R. Grant442-6416TonesDial-a-Disc
R. Grant442-6450MusicLady of the Telephone (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6451MusicThe Telephone No ring - Ziggy Talent - Vaughn Monroe's Orchestra (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6500StreamBBC Radio Stations IVR
R. Grant442-6501StreamMisc Radio Stations IVR
R. Grant442-6511RecordingMisc Radio Show recordings
R. GrantGI2-7001SillyAlan
R. Grant442-8015InformationalEuropean Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8015
R. Grant442-8016InformationalEuropean Tones Demo from BT Freephone
R. Grant442-8017InformationalUSA Tones Demo from BT 0121 246 8017
R. Grant442-8018InformationalUSA Tones Demo from BT Freephone
R. Grant442-8061InformationalDatel Tones Demo from BT
R. Grant442-8081Time and TemperatureSpeaking Clock - Pat Simmons
R. Grant442-8171InformationalCromer Norfolk UK - Daily Tide Times - RSS Lookup via AGI and Text2Speech
R. Grant442-8900MilliwattPlantagenet Milliwatt
R. Grant442-8903Echo TestPlantagenet Echo Test
R. Grant442-8904ANACPlantagenet Readback CLI
R. Grant442-8917Answering MachinePlantagenet Oral Entrapment
R. Grant442-8920TestMinimal for testinge
R. Grant442-8923Time and TemperaturePlantagenet Speaking Clocke
R. Grant442-8927SillyPlantagenet Confessional
R. Grant442-8973RecordingLeonardo Square
R. Grant442-8978MusicAnthem for aye Simpleton
R. Grant442-8979MusicCrumhorn selection
R. Grant442-8999TestRing then Tock Test
R. Grant442-9900MilliwattMilliwatt
R. Grant442-9901Switch VerificationSwitch Verification / CLLI
R. Grant442-9922DTMF TestDTMF Test
R. Grant442-9931Echo TestEcho Test
R. Grant442-9932Silent TerminationSilent termination
R. Grant442-9945MilliwattMilliwatt
R. Grant442-9958ANACANAC
R. Grant442-9960MilliwattMilliwatt
R. Grant442-9970BusyAlways Busy
R. Grant442-9971ReorderReorder
R. Grant442-9972SupervisionSupervision Test (New York Manhatten 753 - from Elmer Cat)
R. Grant442-9990TonesRingback
R. Grant442-9996Loop AroundLoop Around Side A
R. Grant442-9997Loop AroundLoop Around Side B