Mountain Electric


PSTN DISA — (315) 898-1680
C*NET DISA — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via StepNet
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

51 listings

N. AlbertBE1-3000StreamPayphone Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3001StreamPiano Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3011StreamW1AW practice text, from high speed (40) to low (13) 301x/302x feeds from K6DBG
N. AlbertBE1-3012Stream Tables of digraphs, trigraphs and common English words taken from NN9U's article in the January 2009 QST
N. AlbertBE1-3021StreamCNN Breaking News in Morse (15/13/10/7 wpm)
N. AlbertBE1-3022StreamCNN Breaking News in Morse (25/21/18/13 wpm)
N. AlbertBE1-3023StreamCNN Breaking News in Morse (30/25/21 wpm)
N. AlbertBE1-3024StreamCNN Breaking News in Morse (40/36/33/30 wpm)
N. AlbertBE1-3025StreamCNN Breaking News in Morse (50/47/44/41/38 wpm)
N. AlbertBE1-3222StreamWABC (x3ABC)
N. AlbertBE1-3224StreamWBAI Radio - Wednesday 8-9pm Eastern: 2600 Show
N. AlbertBE1-3231StreamBBC Radio 1
N. AlbertBE1-3232StreamBBC Radio 2
N. AlbertBE1-3233StreamBBC Radio 3
N. AlbertBE1-3234StreamBBC Radio 4
N. AlbertBE1-3235StreamBBC Radio 5
N. AlbertBE1-3236StreamBBC Radio 6
N. AlbertBE1-3241StreamBBC Radio 1Xtra
N. AlbertBE1-3244StreamBBC Radio 4 Extra
N. AlbertBE1-3251StreamBBC World Service
N. AlbertBE1-3252StreamBBC World Service News
N. AlbertBE1-3266StreamHeart London
N. AlbertBE1-3268StreamCapital FM London
N. AlbertBE1-3382StreamWETA FM 90.9 (x3ETA)
N. AlbertBE1-3437Stream3GDR FM 95.7 (x3GDR)
N. AlbertBE1-3469StreamWGNY FM 98.9 (x3GNY)
N. AlbertBE1-3578Stream KZSU FM 90.1 Stanford (x3KSU)
N. AlbertBE1-3627StreamNorth Pole Radio
N. AlbertBE1-3653StreamMilwaukee Weather (x3MKE)
N. AlbertBE1-3658StreamWMKV FM 89.3 (x3MKV)
N. AlbertBE1-3669StreamDemocracy Now feed. Enter 4D year, 2D month, and 2D day to listen to that day's Democracy Now broadcast.
N. AlbertBE1-3677StreamNPR News (x3NPR)
N. AlbertBE1-3732StreamKPFA (x3PFA)
N. AlbertBE1-3797StreamWQXR FM 105.9 (x37XR)
N. AlbertBE1-3865StreamWTMJ AM 620 (x3TMJ)
N. AlbertBE1-3977StreamThe Ideas Network (x3WPR)
N. AlbertBE1-3978Stream NPR News & Classical Network
R. GrantGI2-7482StreamLive audio feed from Wave Farm Acra Greene Country New York State
R. GrantGI2-7483StreamLive audio feed from roof of a flat Chittaranjan Colony Kolkata
R. GrantGI2-7484StreamLive audio feed from Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve Santa Cruz Mountains California USA
R. GrantGI2-7485StreamLive audio feed from a garden in Walberswick Suffolk
R. GrantGI2-7486StreamLive audio feed from Marseilles Frioul nature reserve
R. GrantGI2-7487StreamLive audio feed from South Walney Is. nature reserve
R. GrantGI2-7488StreamLive audio feed - undersea hydrophone near Puako Hawaii. Hear whales in Spring.
R. GrantGI2-7490StreamBBC Radio Stations IVR
R. GrantGI2-7491StreamMisc Radio Stations IVR
N. AlbertOL0-6111StreamWaukesha City Police & Fire
N. AlbertOL0-6112StreamWaukesha County Law Enforcement
N. AlbertOL0-6113StreamWaukesha County Fire Dept.
N. AlbertOL0-6213StreamSeminole County Fire Dept. - might not be working currently
N. AlbertOL0-9747StreamWQHS (University of Pennsylvania)