Mountain Electric



  • US PSTN — (315) 898-1680
  • US PSTN — (470) 480-3236
  • US TSPSToll-Free: Members Only
  • US PSTN — (929) 444-7176
  • US PSTN — (415) 475-9034
  • UK PSTN — +44 (0) 560-386-9932
  • UK PSTN — +44 7441 428054
  • C*NET — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 511 — Weather Forecast
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 117 — Telegrams
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct-dial
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via 2600 Hz trunk
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

Priority & Precedence

  • (None) — Routine
  • D — Priority
  • C — Immediate
  • B — Flash
  • A — Flash Override

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C. EldridgeCA1-1111DISACastle Office – DISA
C. EldridgeCA1-9901Switch VerificationCastle Office - Verification
C. EldridgeCA1-9931Echo TestCastle Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeCA1-9932Silent TerminationCastle Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeCA1-9958ANACCastle Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeCA1-9960MilliwattCastle Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeCA1-9970BusyCastle Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeCA1-9971ReorderCastle Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeCA1-9972InterceptCastle Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeCA1-9973InterceptCastle Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeCA1-9974InterceptCastle Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeCA1-9979TonesCastle Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeCA1-9990RingoutCastle Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeCA2-1111DISACastle Office – DISA
C. EldridgeCA2-9901Switch VerificationCastle Office - Verification
C. EldridgeCA2-9931Echo TestCastle Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeCA2-9932Silent TerminationCastle Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeCA2-9958ANACCastle Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeCA2-9960MilliwattCastle Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeCA2-9970BusyCastle Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeCA2-9971ReorderCastle Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeCA2-9972InterceptCastle Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeCA2-9973InterceptCastle Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeCA2-9974InterceptCastle Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeCA2-9979TonesCastle Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeCA2-9990RingoutCastle Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeCA5-1111DISACapital Office DISA
C. EldridgeCA5-1501MusicPrincess F. - Shadows In The Night
C. EldridgeCA5-1502MusicZa-Za - In The Heart Of Rome
C. EldridgeCA5-1503MusicQueen 26 - Upside Down
C. EldridgeCA5-1504MusicMaddy Layne - Do You Wanna Be My Secret Love?
C. EldridgeCA5-1505MusicMaddy Layne - Lovers In The Night
C. EldridgeCA5-1506MusicVanessa - Just A Game
C. EldridgeCA5-1507MusicAlexis - Just A Game 2008
C. EldridgeCA5-1508MusicJilly - Take A Look In My Heart
C. EldridgeCA5-1509MusicVanity - Take A Look In My Heart
C. EldridgeCA5-1510MusicDolly - Secret Passion
C. EldridgeCA5-1511MusicKate & Karen - Step Into My Heart
C. EldridgeCA5-9901Switch VerificationCapital Office - Verification
C. EldridgeCA5-9931Echo TestCapital Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeCA5-9932Silent TerminationCapital Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeCA5-9958ANACCapital Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeCA5-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeCA5-9960MilliwattCapital Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeCA5-9970BusyCapital Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeCA5-9971ReorderCapital Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeCA5-9972InterceptCapital Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeCA5-9973InterceptCapital Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeCA5-9974InterceptCapital Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeCA5-9979TonesCapital Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeCA5-9990RingoutCapital Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeAT2-0088ConferenceThe Whine Conference
C. EldridgeAT2-1111DISAAtlas Office DISA
C. EldridgeAT2-5101MusicU;nee - 너의 욕망
C. EldridgeAT2-5102MusicU;nee - 가 (Miami Mix)
C. EldridgeAT2-5103MusicU;nee - 디스코 퀸 (Disco Queen)
C. EldridgeAT2-5104MusicU;nee - 썬 크루즈 (Sun Cruise)
C. EldridgeAT2-5105MusicU;nee - 투 유 (To You)
C. EldridgeAT2-5106MusicU;nee - 해피투게더 (Happy Together)
C. EldridgeAT2-5107MusicU;nee - 트릭 1 (Trick 1)
C. EldridgeAT2-5108MusicU;nee - 애가(哀歌)
C. EldridgeAT2-5109MusicU;nee - 넌 딱 걸렸어 (Oh Punch)
C. EldridgeAT2-5110MusicU;nee - 플레이 (Play)
C. EldridgeAT2-5111MusicU;nee - 아듀 (Adieu)
C. EldridgeAT2-5112MusicU;nee - 가 (Club Mix)
C. EldridgeAT2-5113MusicU;nee - 두번째 트릭 (Trick 2)
C. EldridgeAT2-5114MusicU;nee - One
C. EldridgeAT2-5115MusicU;nee - 아버지
C. EldridgeAT2-5116MusicU;nee - Call Call Call
C. EldridgeAT2-5117MusicU;nee - 전화해
C. EldridgeAT2-5118MusicU;nee - 여우
C. EldridgeAT2-5119MusicU;nee - 유혹
C. EldridgeAT2-5120MusicU;nee - Don't Cry Again
C. EldridgeAT2-5121MusicU;nee - 그 날 이후
C. EldridgeAT2-5122MusicU;nee - 립스틱
C. EldridgeAT2-5123MusicU;nee - 초대
C. EldridgeAT2-5124MusicU;nee - I Want You
C. EldridgeAT2-5125MusicU;nee - Call Call Call [2nd Version]
C. EldridgeAT2-5126MusicU;nee - Intro
C. EldridgeAT2-5127MusicU;nee - U-Turn
C. EldridgeAT2-5128MusicU;nee - Honey
C. EldridgeAT2-5129MusicU;nee - 솔로 판타지
C. EldridgeAT2-5130MusicU;nee - 습관 [Acoustic Version]
C. EldridgeAT2-5131MusicU;nee - 내 맘속의 빈자리
C. EldridgeAT2-5132MusicU;nee - Follow Me
C. EldridgeAT2-5133MusicU;nee - Runaway
C. EldridgeAT2-5134MusicU;nee - 아버지 (Remix)
C. EldridgeAT2-5135MusicU;nee - U-Turn [House Version]
C. EldridgeAT2-5136MusicU;nee - 습관 [Version 2]
C. EldridgeAT2-5137MusicU;nee - 라스트 크리스마스
C. EldridgeAT2-9901Switch VerificationAtlas Office - Verification
C. EldridgeAT2-9931Echo TestAtlas Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeAT2-9932Silent TerminationAtlas Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeAT2-9958ANACAtlas Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeAT2-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeAT2-9960MilliwattAtlas Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeAT2-9970BusyAtlas Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeAT2-9971ReorderAtlas Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeAT2-9972InterceptAtlas Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeAT2-9973InterceptAtlas Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeAT2-9974InterceptAtlas Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeAT2-9979TonesAtlas Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeAT2-9980RecordingThe somewhat famous "obscene New York Telephone" commercial recorded by Rod Serling.
C. EldridgeAT2-9990RingoutAtlas Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeAT2-9991Loop AroundAtlas loop around side A
C. EldridgeAT2-9992Loop AroundAtlas loop around side B
C. EldridgeAT3-0087RecordingThe Shadow 1937-09-26 (87) The Death House Rescue
C. EldridgeAT3-0091RecordingThe Shadow 1937-10-24 (91) The Temple Bells of Neban
C. EldridgeAT3-0092RecordingThe Shadow 1937-10-31 (92) The Three Ghosts
C. EldridgeAT3-0096RecordingThe Shadow 1937-11-28 (96) Circle of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0098RecordingThe Shadow 1937-12-12 (98) The Death Triangle
C. EldridgeAT3-0099RecordingThe Shadow 1937-12-19 (99) Cold Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0102RecordingThe Shadow 1938-01-09 (102) The League of Terror
C. EldridgeAT3-0103RecordingThe Shadow 1938-01-16 (103) Sabotage
C. EldridgeAT3-0104RecordingThe Shadow 1938-01-23 (104) Society of the Living Dead
C. EldridgeAT3-0105RecordingThe Shadow 1938-01-30 (105) Poison Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0106RecordingThe Shadow 1938-02-06 (106) The Phantom Voice
C. EldridgeAT3-0108RecordingThe Shadow 1938-02-20 (108) Hounds In the Hills
C. EldridgeAT3-0109RecordingThe Shadow 1938-02-27 (109) The Plot Murder
C. EldridgeAT3-0110RecordingThe Shadow 1938-03-06 (110) The Bride of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0111RecordingThe Shadow 1938-03-13 (111) The Silent Avenger
C. EldridgeAT3-0112RecordingThe Shadow 1938-03-20 (112) The White Legion
C. EldridgeAT3-0113RecordingThe Shadow 1938-03-27 (113) The Hypnotized Audience
C. EldridgeAT3-0114RecordingThe Shadow 1938-04-03 (114) Death from the Deep
C. EldridgeAT3-0115RecordingThe Shadow 1938-04-10 (115) The Fire Bug
C. EldridgeAT3-0116RecordingThe Shadow 1938-04-17 (116) The Blind Beggar Dies
C. EldridgeAT3-0117RecordingThe Shadow 1938-04-24 (117) The Power of the Mind
C. EldridgeAT3-0118RecordingThe Shadow 1938-05-01 (118) The White God
C. EldridgeAT3-0119RecordingThe Shadow 1938-05-08 (119) Aboard the Steamship Amazon
C. EldridgeAT3-0120RecordingThe Shadow 1938-05-15 (120) Murders in Wax
C. EldridgeAT3-0121RecordingThe Shadow 1938-05-22 (121) The Message from the Hills
C. EldridgeAT3-0122RecordingThe Shadow 1938-05-29 (122) The Creeper
C. EldridgeAT3-0123RecordingThe Shadow 1938-06-05 (123) The Tenor with the Broken Voice
C. EldridgeAT3-0124RecordingThe Shadow 1938-06-12 (124) Murder on Approval
C. EldridgeAT3-0125RecordingThe Shadow 1938-06-19 (125) The Tomb of Terror
C. EldridgeAT3-0126RecordingThe Shadow 1938-06-26 (126) The Old People
C. EldridgeAT3-0127RecordingThe Shadow 1938-07-03 (127) The Voice of the Trumpet
C. EldridgeAT3-0128RecordingThe Shadow 1938-07-10 (128) He Died at Twelve
C. EldridgeAT3-0129RecordingThe Shadow 1938-07-17 (129) The Reincarnation of Michael
C. EldridgeAT3-0130RecordingThe Shadow 1938-07-24 (130) The Mark of the Bat
C. EldridgeAT3-0131RecordingThe Shadow 1938-07-31 (131) Revenge on the Shadow
C. EldridgeAT3-0132RecordingThe Shadow 1938-08-07 (132) The Mine Hunters
C. EldridgeAT3-0133RecordingThe Shadow 1938-08-14 (133) The Hospital Murders
C. EldridgeAT3-0134RecordingThe Shadow 1938-08-21 (134) The Caverns of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0135RecordingThe Shadow 1938-08-28 (135) Death Under the Chapel
C. EldridgeAT3-0136RecordingThe Shadow 1938-09-04 (136) The Black Buddha
C. EldridgeAT3-0137RecordingThe Shadow 1938-09-11 (137) The Witch Drums of Salem
C. EldridgeAT3-0138RecordingThe Shadow 1938-09-18 (138) Professor X
C. EldridgeAT3-0139RecordingThe Shadow 1938-09-25 (139) Traffic in Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0140RecordingThe Shadow 1938-10-02 (140) The Black Abbot
C. EldridgeAT3-0141RecordingThe Shadow 1938-10-09 (141) Death Stalks the Shadow
C. EldridgeAT3-0142RecordingThe Shadow 1938-10-16 (142) Night Without End
C. EldridgeAT3-0143RecordingThe Shadow 1938-10-23 (143) Gun Island
C. EldridgeAT3-0144RecordingThe Shadow 1938-10-30 (144) The Isle of Fear
C. EldridgeAT3-0145RecordingThe Shadow 1938-11-06 (145) Shyster Payoff
C. EldridgeAT3-0146RecordingThe Shadow 1938-11-13 (146) Black Rock
C. EldridgeAT3-0147RecordingThe Shadow 1938-11-20 (147) Death is Blind
C. EldridgeAT3-0148RecordingThe Shadow 1938-11-27 (148) Fountain of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0149RecordingThe Shadow 1938-12-04 (149) Murder In E Flat
C. EldridgeAT3-0150RecordingThe Shadow 1938-12-11 (150) Murder By Rescue
C. EldridgeAT3-0151RecordingThe Shadow 1938-12-18 (151) Guest of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0153RecordingThe Shadow 1939-01-01 (153) The Man Who Murdered Time
C. EldridgeAT3-0154RecordingThe Shadow 1939-01-08 (154) Island of the Devil
C. EldridgeAT3-0155RecordingThe Shadow 1939-01-15 (155) Ghosts Can Kill
C. EldridgeAT3-0156RecordingThe Shadow 1939-01-22 (156) Valley of the Living Dead
C. EldridgeAT3-0157RecordingThe Shadow 1939-01-29 (157) Prelude to Terror
C. EldridgeAT3-0158RecordingThe Shadow 1939-02-05 (158) The Ghost of Captain Bayloe
C. EldridgeAT3-0159RecordingThe Shadow 1939-02-12 (159) The Hypnotic Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0160RecordingThe Shadow 1939-02-19 (160) Friend of Darkness
C. EldridgeAT3-0161RecordingThe Shadow 1939-02-26 (161) Horror in Wax
C. EldridgeAT3-0162RecordingThe Shadow 1939-03-05 (162) Sabotage By Air
C. EldridgeAT3-0163RecordingThe Shadow 1939-03-12 (163) Appointment With Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0164RecordingThe Shadow 1939-03-19 (164) Can the Dead Talk (Blue Coal)
C. EldridgeAT3-0165RecordingThe Shadow 1939-09-17 (165) Conversation With Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0166RecordingThe Shadow 1939-09-24 (166) Dead Men Talk
C. EldridgeAT3-0167RecordingThe Shadow 1939-10-01 (167) The Night Marauders
C. EldridgeAT3-0168RecordingThe Shadow 1939-10-08 (168) The Diamond Murders (Murder in the Ball Park)
C. EldridgeAT3-0169RecordingThe Shadow 1939-10-15 (169) Village of Doom
C. EldridgeAT3-0170RecordingThe Shadow 1939-10-22 (170) House of Fun
C. EldridgeAT3-0171RecordingThe Shadow 1939-10-29 (171) Phantom Fingerprints
C. EldridgeAT3-0172RecordingThe Shadow 1939-11-05 (172) Mansion of Madness
C. EldridgeAT3-0173RecordingThe Shadow 1939-11-12 (173) The Inventor of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0174RecordingThe Shadow 1939-11-19 (174) The Shadow Returns
C. EldridgeAT3-0175RecordingThe Shadow 1939-11-26 (175) Sandhog Murders
C. EldridgeAT3-0176RecordingThe Shadow 1939-12-03 (176) Death Shows the Way
C. EldridgeAT3-0177RecordingThe Shadow 1939-12-10 (177) Flight of the Vulture
C. EldridgeAT3-0178RecordingThe Shadow 1939-12-17 (178) Murder Incorporated
C. EldridgeAT3-0179RecordingThe Shadow 1939-12-24 (179) The Stockings Were Hung
C. EldridgeAT3-0180RecordingThe Shadow 1939-12-31 (180) The Cat That Killed
C. EldridgeAT3-0181RecordingThe Shadow 1940-01-07 (181) Murder in the Death House
C. EldridgeAT3-0183RecordingThe Shadow 1940-01-21 (183) The Precipice Called Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0185RecordingThe Shadow 1940-02-04 (185) The Return of Carnation Charlie
C. EldridgeAT3-0186RecordingThe Shadow 1940-02-11 (186) Death is an Art
C. EldridgeAT3-0189RecordingThe Shadow 1940-03-03 (189) Death on the Bridge
C. EldridgeAT3-0190RecordingThe Shadow 1940-03-10 (190) The Laughing Corpse
C. EldridgeAT3-0191RecordingThe Shadow 1940-03-17 (191) Murderer's Vanity
C. EldridgeAT3-0192RecordingThe Shadow 1940-03-24 (192) The Plot That Failed
C. EldridgeAT3-0195RecordingThe Shadow 1940-09-29 (195) Death in a Minor Key
C. EldridgeAT3-0196RecordingThe Shadow 1940-10-06 (196) Ghost Town
C. EldridgeAT3-0197RecordingThe Shadow 1940-10-13 (197) The Isle of the Living Dead
C. EldridgeAT3-0198RecordingThe Shadow 1940-10-20 (198) The Oracle of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0199RecordingThe Shadow 1940-10-27 (199) The Mark of the Black Widow
C. EldridgeAT3-0200RecordingThe Shadow 1940-11-03 (200) The Creeper
C. EldridgeAT3-0201RecordingThe Shadow 1940-11-10 (201) Carnival of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0202RecordingThe Shadow 1940-11-17 (202) The House of Horror
C. EldridgeAT3-0203RecordingThe Shadow 1940-11-24 (203) The Green Man
C. EldridgeAT3-0204RecordingThe Shadow 1940-12-01 (204) The Curse of Shiva
C. EldridgeAT3-0205RecordingThe Shadow 1940-12-08 (205) The Voice of Death
C. EldridgeAT3-0206RecordingThe Shadow 1940-12-15 (206) The Killers Rendezvous
C. EldridgeAT3-0207RecordingThe Shadow 1940-12-22 (207) Joey's Christmas Story
C. EldridgeAT3-0208RecordingThe Shadow 1940-12-29 (208) The Ghost on the Stair
C. EldridgeAT3-0209RecordingThe Shadow 1941-01-05 (209) The Leopard Strikes
C. EldridgeAT3-0210RecordingThe Shadow 1941-01-12 (210) The Ghost Building
C. EldridgeAT3-0211RecordingThe Shadow 1941-01-19 (211) The Shadow Challenged
C. EldridgeAT3-0212RecordingThe Shadow 1941-01-26 (212) The Ghost of Caleb MacKenzie
C. EldridgeAT3-0213RecordingThe Shadow 1941-02-02 (213) Nightmare at Gaelsberry
C. EldridgeAT3-0214RecordingThe Shadow 1941-02-09 (214) The Man Who Lived Twice
C. EldridgeAT3-0215RecordingThe Shadow 1941-02-16 (215) The Phantom Voyage
C. EldridgeAT3-0216RecordingThe Shadow 1941-02-23 (216) Chess Club Murders
C. EldridgeAT3-0217RecordingThe Shadow 1941-03-02 (217) Death Rides a Broomstick
C. EldridgeAT3-0218RecordingThe Shadow 1941-03-09 (218) The Murder Underground
C. EldridgeAT3-0219RecordingThe Shadow 1941-03-16 (219) The Ghost Walks Again
C. EldridgeAT3-0220RecordingThe Shadow 1941-03-23 (220) Death Prowls at Night
C. EldridgeAT3-0221RecordingThe Shadow 1941-03-30 (221) Voodoo
C. EldridgeAT3-0222RecordingThe Shadow 1941-04-06 (222) Murder from the Grave
C. EldridgeED0-1111DISAEdison Office - DISA
C. EldridgeED0-2666StreamaNONradio ( check for program times)
C. EldridgeED0-9901Switch VerificationEdison Office - Verification
C. EldridgeED0-9931Echo TestEdison Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeED0-9932Silent TerminationEdison Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeED0-9958ANACEdison Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeED0-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeED0-9960MilliwattEdison Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeED0-9970BusyEdison Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeED0-9971ReorderEdison Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeED0-9972InterceptEdison Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeED0-9973InterceptEdison Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeED0-9974InterceptEdison Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeED0-9979TonesEdison Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeED0-9990RingoutEdison Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeEL3-1111DISAElmore Office – DISA
C. EldridgeEL3-9901Switch VerificationElmore Office - Verification
C. EldridgeEL3-9931Echo TestElmore Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeEL3-9932Silent TerminationElmore Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeEL3-9958ANACElmore Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeEL3-9960MilliwattElmore Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeEL3-9970BusyElmore Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeEL3-9971ReorderElmore Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeEL3-9972InterceptElmore Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeEL3-9973InterceptElmore Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeEL3-9974InterceptElmore Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeEL3-9979TonesElmore Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeEL3-9990RingoutElmore Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeEL3-9999ConferenceThe Buzz Conference
C. EldridgeEV3-0663MusicOingo Boingo - Forbidden Zone
C. EldridgeEV3-1111DISAEvergreen office DISA
C. EldridgeEV3-1121RecordingCoin Phone Denomination Test Recording
C. EldridgeEV3-1239RecordingMoe's Tavern
C. EldridgeEV3-1959MusicSeeberg 1000 Online Radio - Music from the Seeberg Background Music System Of the 60's
C. EldridgeEV3-1984MusicRadio ITALOPOWER! - Italo Disco Hits and Rarities - 24/7
C. EldridgeEV3-1986MusicUnited Sonic Alliance - Secrets From The Night
C. EldridgeEV3-1989MusicDefault Cisco Hold Music - Opus Number 1
C. EldridgeEV3-2209RecordingDilbert S1E11 - Guy who can't get an outside line
C. EldridgeEV3-2210RecordingDilbert S2E11 - Dilbert calls Comp-U-Comp to attempt to return his computer
C. EldridgeEV3-2368RecordingGhostbusters
C. EldridgeEV3-2847RecordingA re-creation of the somewhat famous (in some parts) 1-800-GOLF-TIP line from the 90's.
C. EldridgeEV3-3001RecordingThe Conet Project: The Swedish Rhapsody (4:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3002RecordingThe Conet Project: Counting (3:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3003RecordingThe Conet Project: Counting 'Control' (2:01)
C. EldridgeEV3-3004RecordingThe Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (4:36)
C. EldridgeEV3-3005RecordingThe Conet Project: 5 Dashes (3:30)
C. EldridgeEV3-3006RecordingThe Conet Project: The Lincolnshire Poacher (4:37)
C. EldridgeEV3-3007RecordingThe Conet Project: Gong Station/Chimes (3:29)
C. EldridgeEV3-3008RecordingThe Conet Project: DFD 21 (2:37)
C. EldridgeEV3-3009RecordingThe Conet Project: Ready Ready 15728 (2:04)
C. EldridgeEV3-3010RecordingThe Conet Project: Bugle (1:00)
C. EldridgeEV3-3011RecordingThe Conet Project: 5 Note Version 'Czech Lady' (1:38)
C. EldridgeEV3-3012RecordingThe Conet Project: Three Note Oddity (2:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3013RecordingThe Conet Project: New Star Broadcasting (6:32)
C. EldridgeEV3-3014RecordingThe Conet Project: Counting Station (Spanish) (4:41)
C. EldridgeEV3-3015RecordingThe Conet Project: English Lady / 00000 ending (3:31)
C. EldridgeEV3-3016RecordingThe Conet Project: Attencion / 3 Finals (3:31)
C. EldridgeEV3-3017RecordingThe Conet Project: 4 Note Rising Scale (3:14)
C. EldridgeEV3-3018RecordingThe Conet Project: Ciocîrlia (5:16)
C. EldridgeEV3-3019RecordingThe Conet Project: Czech Lady (3:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3020RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'YS' (1:47)
C. EldridgeEV3-3021RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'EL' (1:10)
C. EldridgeEV3-3022RecordingThe Conet Project: 5 Dashes (1:40)
C. EldridgeEV3-3023RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'RK' (2:23)
C. EldridgeEV3-3024RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (2:56)
C. EldridgeEV3-3025RecordingThe Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:36)
C. EldridgeEV3-3026RecordingThe Conet Project: DFD21 / DFC37 (1:55)
C. EldridgeEV3-3027RecordingThe Conet Project: Drums & Trumpets (2:51)
C. EldridgeEV3-3028RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (1:47)
C. EldridgeEV3-3029RecordingThe Conet Project: English Lady – 00000 ending (2:10)
C. EldridgeEV3-3030RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (1:00)
C. EldridgeEV3-3031RecordingThe Conet Project: The Russian Man ('D-va' Northern Russian Voice) (1:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3032RecordingThe Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (0:49)
C. EldridgeEV3-3033RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Lady (1:07)
C. EldridgeEV3-3034RecordingThe Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:30)
C. EldridgeEV3-3035RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'NU' (1:12)
C. EldridgeEV3-3036RecordingThe Conet Project: 'Strich' (0:38)
C. EldridgeEV3-3037RecordingThe Conet Project: YT (3:35)
C. EldridgeEV3-3038RecordingThe Conet Project: 5 Dashes (1:40)
C. EldridgeEV3-3039RecordingThe Conet Project: German Man (1:45)
C. EldridgeEV3-3040RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man (4:58)
C. EldridgeEV3-3041RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man + German Lady (1:36)
C. EldridgeEV3-3042RecordingThe Conet Project: German Lady (1:43)
C. EldridgeEV3-3043RecordingThe Conet Project: Chinese Numbers (1:14)
C. EldridgeEV3-3044RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Lady (4:25)
C. EldridgeEV3-3045RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'MD' (1:38)
C. EldridgeEV3-3046RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man (1:13)
C. EldridgeEV3-3047RecordingThe Conet Project: German Lady (0:47)
C. EldridgeEV3-3048RecordingThe Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (0:54)
C. EldridgeEV3-3049RecordingThe Conet Project: Phonetic Alphabet – NATO (2:24)
C. EldridgeEV3-3050RecordingThe Conet Project: Nancy Adam Susan (3:20)
C. EldridgeEV3-3051RecordingThe Conet Project: Counting 'Control' (1:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3052RecordingThe Conet Project: Nancy Adam Susan (Male Voice) (2:44)
C. EldridgeEV3-3053RecordingThe Conet Project: Cherry Ripe (1:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3054RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Lady (1:57)
C. EldridgeEV3-3055RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Man (0:37)
C. EldridgeEV3-3056RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (1:54)
C. EldridgeEV3-3057RecordingThe Conet Project: Frank Young Peter (0:59)
C. EldridgeEV3-3058RecordingThe Conet Project: Cherta (1:05)
C. EldridgeEV3-3059RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Counting Man (0:58)
C. EldridgeEV3-3060RecordingThe Conet Project: OLX (2:15)
C. EldridgeEV3-3061RecordingThe Conet Project: 6 Tones (0:57)
C. EldridgeEV3-3062RecordingThe Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (2:02)
C. EldridgeEV3-3063RecordingThe Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (0:31)
C. EldridgeEV3-3064RecordingThe Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (1:17)
C. EldridgeEV3-3065RecordingThe Conet Project: High Pitch Polytone (1:00)
C. EldridgeEV3-3066RecordingThe Conet Project: Oriental Language (1:11)
C. EldridgeEV3-3067RecordingThe Conet Project: Ready Ready (2:02)
C. EldridgeEV3-3068RecordingThe Conet Project: Iran / Iraq Jamming Efficacy Testing (1:00)
C. EldridgeEV3-3069RecordingThe Conet Project: English Lady (1:16)
C. EldridgeEV3-3070RecordingThe Conet Project: English Lady (0:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3071RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man Version 1 (0:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3072RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man Version 3 (0:48)
C. EldridgeEV3-3073RecordingThe Conet Project: English Man (0:58)
C. EldridgeEV3-3074RecordingThe Conet Project: Magnetic Fields (3:49)
C. EldridgeEV3-3075RecordingThe Conet Project: Magnetic Fields (1:30)
C. EldridgeEV3-3076RecordingThe Conet Project: Oblique (1:24)
C. EldridgeEV3-3077RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (0:35)
C. EldridgeEV3-3078RecordingThe Conet Project: 5 Dashes (4:17)
C. EldridgeEV3-3079RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'KG' (1:49)
C. EldridgeEV3-3080RecordingThe Conet Project: 4 Figure Counting (10 Rough Tones) (2:36)
C. EldridgeEV3-3081RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Voices in One Transmission
C. EldridgeEV3-3082RecordingThe Conet Project: Tyrolean Music Station (7:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3083RecordingThe Conet Project: 3 Note I.S. (0:46)
C. EldridgeEV3-3084RecordingThe Conet Project: 10 Rough Tones (1:33)
C. EldridgeEV3-3085RecordingThe Conet Project: Achtung! (0:29)
C. EldridgeEV3-3086RecordingThe Conet Project: 'A' (1:23)
C. EldridgeEV3-3087RecordingThe Conet Project: Voice Sample (1-10) (0:12)
C. EldridgeEV3-3088RecordingThe Conet Project: Rapid Dots (0:59)
C. EldridgeEV3-3089RecordingThe Conet Project: 'Strich' (1:06)
C. EldridgeEV3-3090RecordingThe Conet Project: Hier ist DFC Seben und Dreizig (3:20)
C. EldridgeEV3-3091RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'PN' (2:34)
C. EldridgeEV3-3092RecordingThe Conet Project: Sample Count (0:18)
C. EldridgeEV3-3093RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'VO' (2:10)
C. EldridgeEV3-3094RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'HK' (0:41)
C. EldridgeEV3-3095RecordingThe Conet Project: 2 Letter 'DM' (4:01)
C. EldridgeEV3-3096RecordingThe Conet Project: 8 Note Rising Scale (1:11)
C. EldridgeEV3-3097RecordingThe Conet Project: Spruchnummer 1 (0:55)
C. EldridgeEV3-3098RecordingThe Conet Project: Spruchnummer 4 (0:48)
C. EldridgeEV3-3099RecordingThe Conet Project: Random Pop (1:05)
C. EldridgeEV3-3100RecordingThe Conet Project: Nomer 101 (2:52)
C. EldridgeEV3-3101RecordingThe Conet Project: Okno Okno Okno (0:35)
C. EldridgeEV3-3102RecordingThe Conet Project: Nomer 198 (3:22)
C. EldridgeEV3-3103RecordingThe Conet Project: 723 Papaqui (1:23)
C. EldridgeEV3-3104RecordingThe Conet Project: 298 (1:54)
C. EldridgeEV3-3105RecordingThe Conet Project: 815 (1:24)
C. EldridgeEV3-3106RecordingThe Conet Project: 167 (1:53)
C. EldridgeEV3-3107RecordingThe Conet Project: Moscow Coup Attempt (0:20)
C. EldridgeEV3-3108RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Man Complete (3:37)
C. EldridgeEV3-3109RecordingThe Conet Project: YT Counting in Croatian/Serbian (2:50)
C. EldridgeEV3-3110RecordingThe Conet Project: 555 Konec (0:33)
C. EldridgeEV3-3111RecordingThe Conet Project: Preska (0:25)
C. EldridgeEV3-3112RecordingThe Conet Project: Cherta (0:26)
C. EldridgeEV3-3113RecordingThe Conet Project: Count in Russian (0:40)
C. EldridgeEV3-3114RecordingThe Conet Project: Count in Russian (2:03)
C. EldridgeEV3-3115RecordingThe Conet Project: 1-10 Announcement (1:03)
C. EldridgeEV3-3116RecordingThe Conet Project: 1-10 Announcement (0:50)
C. EldridgeEV3-3117RecordingThe Conet Project: Counting in Polish (1:12)
C. EldridgeEV3-3118RecordingThe Conet Project: Konec Konec (2:43)
C. EldridgeEV3-3119RecordingThe Conet Project: Pozor (0:48)
C. EldridgeEV3-3120RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Lady test count and message (2:15)
C. EldridgeEV3-3121RecordingThe Conet Project: Russian Man (4:10)
C. EldridgeEV3-3122RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Lady (2 Finals) (1:48)
C. EldridgeEV3-3123RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Counting (0:22)
C. EldridgeEV3-3124RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Counting (0:24)
C. EldridgeEV3-3125RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Man (2:19)
C. EldridgeEV3-3126RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Lady (1:17)
C. EldridgeEV3-3127RecordingThe Conet Project: Spanish Lady (2:27)
C. EldridgeEV3-3128RecordingThe Conet Project: Eastern Music Station (6:40)
C. EldridgeEV3-3129RecordingThe Conet Project: Eastern Music Station (1:42)
C. EldridgeEV3-3130RecordingThe Conet Project: Unidentified Chinese Station (0:42)
C. EldridgeEV3-3131RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (1:27)
C. EldridgeEV3-3132RecordingThe Conet Project: NNN (0:59)
C. EldridgeEV3-3133RecordingThe Conet Project: Whiskey Tango Viente Y Uno (6:14)
C. EldridgeEV3-3134RecordingThe Conet Project: The Crackle (2:33)
C. EldridgeEV3-3135RecordingThe Conet Project: The Backwards Music Station (2:30)
C. EldridgeEV3-3136RecordingThe Conet Project: Faders (1:14)
C. EldridgeEV3-3137RecordingThe Conet Project: Workshop (2:52)
C. EldridgeEV3-3138RecordingThe Conet Project: The Pip (0:50)
C. EldridgeEV3-3139RecordingThe Conet Project: The Buzzer (2:40)
C. EldridgeEV3-3140RecordingThe Conet Project: M1 (197) (0:52)
C. EldridgeEV3-3141RecordingThe Conet Project: M1b (463) (4:49)
C. EldridgeEV3-3142RecordingThe Conet Project: M2 (712) (3:11)
C. EldridgeEV3-3143RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:33)
C. EldridgeEV3-3144RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:20)
C. EldridgeEV3-3145RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:27)
C. EldridgeEV3-3146RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:17)
C. EldridgeEV3-3147RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:15)
C. EldridgeEV3-3148RecordingThe Conet Project: M3 (0:15)
C. EldridgeEV3-3149RecordingThe Conet Project: M3a (0:22)
C. EldridgeEV3-3150RecordingThe Conet Project: M3b (0:50)
C. EldridgeEV3-3226RecordingMr. Plow
C. EldridgeEV3-5246RecordingMr. Burns Office
C. EldridgeEV3-6044RecordingLincolnshire Poacher Phone Line Recording
C. EldridgeEV3-6262MusicGazebo - Telephone Mama
C. EldridgeEV3-6723RecordingNORAD AWS Defcon Status Announcement
C. EldridgeEV3-7336MusicBilly Ocean - Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)
C. EldridgeEV3-9460RecordingThe Max Headroom Incident
C. EldridgeEV3-9801RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – English
C. EldridgeEV3-9802RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Arabic
C. EldridgeEV3-9803RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Cantonese
C. EldridgeEV3-9804RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Hindi
C. EldridgeEV3-9805RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Japanese
C. EldridgeEV3-9806RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Korean
C. EldridgeEV3-9807RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Mandarin Chinese
C. EldridgeEV3-9808RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Polish
C. EldridgeEV3-9809RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Portuguese
C. EldridgeEV3-9810RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Russian
C. EldridgeEV3-9811RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Spanish
C. EldridgeEV3-9812RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Tagalog
C. EldridgeEV3-9813RecordingAT&T OSPS calling card call via 800-CALL-ATT – Vietnamese
C. EldridgeEV3-9817RecordingThe Scammer Hold Experience
C. EldridgeEV3-9818RecordingNonworking number at the City College of New York - Contains message regarding a Fax line at the college having its number spoofed by scammers.
C. EldridgeEV3-9901Switch VerificationEvergreen Office - Verification
C. EldridgeEV3-9902TestDirect Distance Dialing Test Number
C. EldridgeEV3-9909RecordingSwitchroom sounds of a Stromberg-Carlson XY Switch
C. EldridgeEV3-9931Echo TestEvergreen Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeEV3-9932Silent TerminationEvergreen Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeEV3-9958ANACEvergreen Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeEV3-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeEV3-9960MilliwattEvergreen Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeEV3-9970BusyEvergreen Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeEV3-9971ReorderEvergreen Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeEV3-9972InterceptEvergreen Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeEV3-9973InterceptEvergreen Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeEV3-9974InterceptEvergreen Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeEV3-9979TonesEvergreen Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeEV3-9988RecordingSultry Ma Bell as presented in the “How I Became A Phone Phreak” series by Evan Doorbell
C. EldridgeEV3-9990RingoutEvergreen Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeEV3-9991Loop AroundEvergreen Loop Around Side A
C. EldridgeEV3-9992Loop AroundEvergreen Loop Around Side B
C. EldridgeEV4-9998ConferenceThe Clearline Conference
C. EldridgeHE7-1111DISAHemlock Office DISA
C. EldridgeHE7-9501MusicY&Co. - Monkey Dance feat. AH
C. EldridgeHE7-9502MusicY&Co. - SPEEDY CAT feat. ERIKA MOCHIZUKI
C. EldridgeHE7-9503MusicY&Co. - POODLE feat. 彩月 (FakejazzQuintet)
C. EldridgeHE7-9504MusicY&Co. - So Real feat. mioco
C. EldridgeHE7-9505MusicY&Co. - Y&Co. is dead or alive
C. EldridgeHE7-9506MusicY&Co. - Roulette feat. ERIKA MOCHIZUKI
C. EldridgeHE7-9507MusicY&Co. - WH1TE RO5E
C. EldridgeHE7-9508MusicY&Co. - BOOM BOOM DISCO NIGHT feat. YU-YA
C. EldridgeHE7-9509MusicY&Co. - Daisuke feat. KAHORI from 1 LOVE
C. EldridgeHE7-9510MusicY&Co. - Mysterious Time feat. Sachi (Broken Doll)
C. EldridgeHE7-9511MusicY&Co. - dragon
C. EldridgeHE7-9512MusicY&Co. - IN THE NAME OF LOVE feat. Erica
C. EldridgeHE7-9513MusicY&Co. - Sweet Rain feat. Karin
C. EldridgeHE7-9514MusicY&Co. - Attitude
C. EldridgeHE7-9515MusicY&Co. - エコ爺 feat. mioco
C. EldridgeHE7-9901Switch VerificationHemlock Office - Verification
C. EldridgeHE7-9931Echo TestHemlock Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeHE7-9932Silent TerminationHemlock Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeHE7-9958ANACHemlock Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeHE7-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeHE7-9960MilliwattHemlock Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeHE7-9970BusyHemlock Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeHE7-9971ReorderHemlock Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeHE7-9972InterceptHemlock Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeHE7-9973InterceptHemlock Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeHE7-9974InterceptHemlock Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeHE7-9979TonesHemlock Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeHE7-9990RingoutHemlock Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeMA6-1111DISAMain Office DISA
C. EldridgeMA6-2001MusicMichael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (06:03)
C. EldridgeMA6-2002MusicMichael Jackson - Rock with You (03:39)
C. EldridgeMA6-2003MusicMichael Jackson - Working Day and Night (05:13)
C. EldridgeMA6-2004MusicMichael Jackson - Get on the Floor (04:37)
C. EldridgeMA6-2005MusicMichael Jackson - Off the Wall (04:05)
C. EldridgeMA6-2006MusicMichael Jackson - Girlfriend (03:04)
C. EldridgeMA6-2007MusicMichael Jackson - She's Out of My Life (03:37)
C. EldridgeMA6-2008MusicMichael Jackson - I Can't Help It (04:28)
C. EldridgeMA6-2009MusicMichael Jackson - It's the Falling in Love (03:47)
C. EldridgeMA6-2010MusicMichael Jackson - Burn This Disco Out (03:42)
C. EldridgeMA6-2011MusicMichael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (06:01)
C. EldridgeMA6-2012MusicMichael Jackson - Baby Be Mine (04:19)
C. EldridgeMA6-2013MusicMichael Jackson/Paul McCartney - The Girl Is Mine (03:41)
C. EldridgeMA6-2014MusicMichael Jackson - Thriller (05:57)
C. EldridgeMA6-2015MusicMichael Jackson - Beat It (04:17)
C. EldridgeMA6-2016MusicMichael Jackson - Billie Jean (04:53)
C. EldridgeMA6-2017MusicMichael Jackson - Human Nature (04:05)
C. EldridgeMA6-2018MusicMichael Jackson - P.Y.T. [Pretty Young Thing] (03:58)
C. EldridgeMA6-2019MusicMichael Jackson - The Lady in My Life (04:58)
C. EldridgeMA6-2020MusicMichael Jackson - Someone in the Dark [E.T. Theme Song] (04:46)
C. EldridgeMA6-2021MusicMichael Jackson - Carousel (01:49)
C. EldridgeMA6-2022MusicMichael Jackson - Bad (04:06)
C. EldridgeMA6-2023MusicMichael Jackson - The Way You Make Me Feel (04:57)
C. EldridgeMA6-2024MusicMichael Jackson - Speed Demon (04:01)
C. EldridgeMA6-2025MusicMichael Jackson - Liberian Girl (03:52)
C. EldridgeMA6-2026MusicMichael Jackson - Just Good Friends (04:06)
C. EldridgeMA6-2027MusicMichael Jackson - Another Part of Me (03:55)
C. EldridgeMA6-2028MusicMichael Jackson - Man in the Mirror (05:18)
C. EldridgeMA6-2029MusicMichael Jackson - I Just Can't Stop Loving You (04:12)
C. EldridgeMA6-2030MusicMichael Jackson - Dirty Diana (04:41)
C. EldridgeMA6-2031MusicMichael Jackson - Smooth Criminal (04:17)
C. EldridgeMA6-2032MusicMichael Jackson - Leave Me Alone (04:40)
C. EldridgeMA6-2033MusicMichael Jackson - Streetwalker (05:48)
C. EldridgeMA6-2034MusicMichael Jackson - Todo Mi Amor Eres Tu [I Just Can't Stop Loving You] (04:04)
C. EldridgeMA6-2035MusicMichael Jackson - Fly Away (03:26)
C. EldridgeMA6-2036MusicMichael Jackson - Jam (05:38)
C. EldridgeMA6-2037MusicMichael Jackson - Why You Wanna Trip on Me (05:23)
C. EldridgeMA6-2038MusicMichael Jackson - In the Closet (06:30)
C. EldridgeMA6-2039MusicMichael Jackson - She Drives Me Wild (03:41)
C. EldridgeMA6-2040MusicMichael Jackson - Remember the Time (03:59)
C. EldridgeMA6-2041MusicMichael Jackson - Can't Let Her Get Away (04:58)
C. EldridgeMA6-2042MusicMichael Jackson - Heal the World (06:24)
C. EldridgeMA6-2043MusicMichael Jackson - Black or White (04:15)
C. EldridgeMA6-2044MusicMichael Jackson - Who Is It (06:33)
C. EldridgeMA6-2045MusicMichael Jackson - Give in to Me (05:29)
C. EldridgeMA6-2046MusicMichael Jackson - Will You Be There (07:39)
C. EldridgeMA6-2047MusicMichael Jackson - Keep the Faith (05:57)
C. EldridgeMA6-2048MusicMichael Jackson - Gone Too Soon (03:22)
C. EldridgeMA6-2049MusicMichael Jackson - Dangerous (06:59)
C. EldridgeMA6-2050MusicMichael Jackson - Scream (Duet With Michael Jack (04:39)
C. EldridgeMA6-2051MusicMichael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (04:44)
C. EldridgeMA6-2052MusicMichael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (05:44)
C. EldridgeMA6-2053MusicMichael Jackson - This Time Around (04:21)
C. EldridgeMA6-2054MusicMichael Jackson - Earth Song (06:46)
C. EldridgeMA6-2055MusicMichael Jackson - D.S. (04:49)
C. EldridgeMA6-2056MusicMichael Jackson - Money (04:41)
C. EldridgeMA6-2057MusicMichael Jackson - Come Together (04:02)
C. EldridgeMA6-2058MusicMichael Jackson - You Are Not Alone (05:45)
C. EldridgeMA6-2059MusicMichael Jackson - Childhood (Theme From "Free Wi (04:28)
C. EldridgeMA6-2060MusicMichael Jackson - Tabloid Junkie (04:32)
C. EldridgeMA6-2061MusicMichael Jackson - 2 Bad (04:49)
C. EldridgeMA6-2062MusicMichael Jackson - HIStory (06:37)
C. EldridgeMA6-2063MusicMichael Jackson - Little Susie (06:13)
C. EldridgeMA6-2064MusicMichael Jackson - Smile (04:56)
C. EldridgeMA6-2065MusicMichael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor (04:14)
C. EldridgeMA6-2066MusicMichael Jackson - Morphine (06:29)
C. EldridgeMA6-2067MusicMichael Jackson - Superfly Sister (06:27)
C. EldridgeMA6-2068MusicMichael Jackson - Ghosts (05:13)
C. EldridgeMA6-2069MusicMichael Jackson - Is It Scary (05:35)
C. EldridgeMA6-2070MusicMichael Jackson - Unbreakable (06:27)
C. EldridgeMA6-2071MusicMichael Jackson - Heartbreaker (05:10)
C. EldridgeMA6-2072MusicMichael Jackson - Invincible (04:46)
C. EldridgeMA6-2073MusicMichael Jackson - Break Of Dawn (05:32)
C. EldridgeMA6-2074MusicMichael Jackson - Heaven Can Wait (04:50)
C. EldridgeMA6-2075MusicMichael Jackson - You Rock My World (05:39)
C. EldridgeMA6-2076MusicMichael Jackson - Butterflies (04:40)
C. EldridgeMA6-2077MusicMichael Jackson - Speechless (03:18)
C. EldridgeMA6-2078MusicMichael Jackson - 2000 Watts (04:25)
C. EldridgeMA6-2079MusicMichael Jackson - You Are My Life (04:33)
C. EldridgeMA6-2080MusicMichael Jackson - Privacy (05:05)
C. EldridgeMA6-2081MusicMichael Jackson - Don't Walk Away (04:25)
C. EldridgeMA6-2082MusicMichael Jackson - Cry (05:00)
C. EldridgeMA6-2083MusicMichael Jackson - The Lost Children (04:00)
C. EldridgeMA6-2084MusicMichael Jackson - Whatever Happens (04:56)
C. EldridgeMA6-2085MusicMichael Jackson - Threatened (04:18)
C. EldridgeMA6-2600TelephoneWolf River Telephone Business Office
C. EldridgeMA6-2626Time and TemperatureTime - Central Time Zone
C. EldridgeMA6-9901Switch VerificationMain Office - Verification
C. EldridgeMA6-9931Echo TestMain Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeMA6-9932Silent TerminationMain Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeMA6-9958ANACMain Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeMA6-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeMA6-9960MilliwattMain Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeMA6-9970BusyMain Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeMA6-9971ReorderMain Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeMA6-9972InterceptMain Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeMA6-9973InterceptMain Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeMA6-9974InterceptMain Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeMA6-9979TonesMain Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeMA6-9990RingoutMain Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeMA6-9991Loop AroundMain loop around side A
C. EldridgeMA6-9992Loop AroundMain loop around side B
C. EldridgeMA7-5001RecordingTwilight Zone – A Kind of a Stopwatch
C. EldridgeMA7-5002RecordingTwilight Zone – The Lateness of the Hour
C. EldridgeMA7-5003RecordingTwilight Zone – The Thirty-Fathom Grave
C. EldridgeMA7-5004RecordingTwilight Zone – The Man in the Bottle
C. EldridgeMA7-5005RecordingTwilight Zone – The Night of the Meek
C. EldridgeMA7-5006RecordingTwilight Zone – The After Hours
C. EldridgeMA7-5007RecordingTwilight Zone – Mr Dr. Dingle, the Strong
C. EldridgeMA7-5008RecordingTwilight Zone – A Stop at Willoughby
C. EldridgeMA7-5009RecordingTwilight Zone – The Lonely
C. EldridgeMA7-5010RecordingTwilight Zone – Of Late I Think of Cliffordville
C. EldridgeMA7-5011RecordingTwilight Zone – The Obsolete Man
C. EldridgeMA7-5012RecordingTwilight Zone – The Bard
C. EldridgeMA7-5013RecordingTwilight Zone – Back There
C. EldridgeMA7-5014RecordingTwilight Zone – A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain
C. EldridgeMA7-5015RecordingTwilight Zone – Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
C. EldridgeMA7-5016RecordingTwilight Zone – The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
C. EldridgeMA7-5017RecordingTwilight Zone – Mr. Garrity And The Graves
C. EldridgeMA7-5018RecordingTwilight Zone – Escape Clause
C. EldridgeMA7-5019RecordingTwilight Zone – Four-O-Clock
C. EldridgeMA7-5020RecordingTwilight Zone – Uncle Simon
C. EldridgeNE1-1111DISANeptune Office DISA
C. EldridgeNE1-8002SillyLaffline: Accident
C. EldridgeNE1-8003SillyLaffline: Advice
C. EldridgeNE1-8004SillyLaffline: Analogy
C. EldridgeNE1-8005SillyLaffline: Analogy 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8006SillyLaffline: Answer Live 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8007SillyLaffline: Answer Live 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8008SillyLaffline: Answer Live 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8009SillyLaffline: Apple
C. EldridgeNE1-8010SillyLaffline: Bills 2 Pay
C. EldridgeNE1-8011SillyLaffline: Blue Box
C. EldridgeNE1-8012SillyLaffline: Brown
C. EldridgeNE1-8013SillyLaffline: Butcher
C. EldridgeNE1-8014SillyLaffline: Canibals
C. EldridgeNE1-8015SillyLaffline: Carrots
C. EldridgeNE1-8016SillyLaffline: Charlie Tuna
C. EldridgeNE1-8017SillyLaffline: Cheese
C. EldridgeNE1-8018SillyLaffline: Chicken
C. EldridgeNE1-8019SillyLaffline: Chuckle
C. EldridgeNE1-8020SillyLaffline: Circus
C. EldridgeNE1-8021SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions - Light
C. EldridgeNE1-8022SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions – Molotov
C. EldridgeNE1-8023SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions – Sheet
C. EldridgeNE1-8024SillyLaffline: Diahrea
C. EldridgeNE1-8025SillyLaffline: Disconnected
C. EldridgeNE1-8026SillyLaffline: Don't Shoot Up
C. EldridgeNE1-8027SillyLaffline: Dough
C. EldridgeNE1-8028SillyLaffline: Dripstan
C. EldridgeNE1-8029SillyLaffline: Electric
C. EldridgeNE1-8030SillyLaffline: Elephant
C. EldridgeNE1-8031SillyLaffline: Energy
C. EldridgeNE1-8032SillyLaffline: Etiquitte
C. EldridgeNE1-8033SillyLaffline: Exorcism 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8034SillyLaffline: Exorcism 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8035SillyLaffline: Falling Rock
C. EldridgeNE1-8036SillyLaffline: Flat
C. EldridgeNE1-8037SillyLaffline: General Eccentric
C. EldridgeNE1-8038SillyLaffline: Germs
C. EldridgeNE1-8039SillyLaffline: Gibbons
C. EldridgeNE1-8040SillyLaffline: Good and Bad
C. EldridgeNE1-8041SillyLaffline: Greek Urn
C. EldridgeNE1-8042SillyLaffline: Grumpy
C. EldridgeNE1-8043SillyLaffline: Gulp
C. EldridgeNE1-8044SillyLaffline: Hair Biz
C. EldridgeNE1-8045SillyLaffline: Hang up
C. EldridgeNE1-8046SillyLaffline: Helena
C. EldridgeNE1-8047SillyLaffline: Help Thy Neighbor
C. EldridgeNE1-8048SillyLaffline: Insomnia
C. EldridgeNE1-8049SillyLaffline: Jello
C. EldridgeNE1-8050SillyLaffline: Jingle
C. EldridgeNE1-8051SillyLaffline: Joke Week
C. EldridgeNE1-8052SillyLaffline: KK Hey Hey
C. EldridgeNE1-8053SillyLaffline: Leak
C. EldridgeNE1-8054SillyLaffline: Line Man
C. EldridgeNE1-8055SillyLaffline: Live Promo 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8056SillyLaffline: Live Promo 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8057SillyLaffline: Logo Contest
C. EldridgeNE1-8058SillyLaffline: Looney Tunes
C. EldridgeNE1-8059SillyLaffline: Mental
C. EldridgeNE1-8060SillyLaffline: Mike Kramer
C. EldridgeNE1-8061SillyLaffline: News Flash
C. EldridgeNE1-8062SillyLaffline: Nixon
C. EldridgeNE1-8063SillyLaffline: Old Tapes
C. EldridgeNE1-8064SillyLaffline: One Liners
C. EldridgeNE1-8065SillyLaffline: Operation
C. EldridgeNE1-8066SillyLaffline: Pacific Hospital
C. EldridgeNE1-8067SillyLaffline: Pardon Me
C. EldridgeNE1-8068SillyLaffline: Pencils
C. EldridgeNE1-8069SillyLaffline: Pick
C. EldridgeNE1-8070SillyLaffline: Pollution
C. EldridgeNE1-8071SillyLaffline: Poster Contest 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8072SillyLaffline: Poster Contest 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8073SillyLaffline: Promo 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8074SillyLaffline: Promo 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8075SillyLaffline: Promo 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8076SillyLaffline: Promo 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8077SillyLaffline: Promo 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8078SillyLaffline: Promo 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8079SillyLaffline: Proverbs
C. EldridgeNE1-8080SillyLaffline: Quickie
C. EldridgeNE1-8081SillyLaffline: Radio Station
C. EldridgeNE1-8082SillyLaffline: Repair
C. EldridgeNE1-8083SillyLaffline: Reverse
C. EldridgeNE1-8084SillyLaffline: Saps
C. EldridgeNE1-8085SillyLaffline: Sea food
C. EldridgeNE1-8086SillyLaffline: Secretary
C. EldridgeNE1-8087SillyLaffline: Seymour 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8088SillyLaffline: Seymour 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8089SillyLaffline: Shell Answer Man
C. EldridgeNE1-8090SillyLaffline: Smoking
C. EldridgeNE1-8091SillyLaffline: Something
C. EldridgeNE1-8092SillyLaffline: Staff Meeting
C. EldridgeNE1-8093SillyLaffline: Star Trek
C. EldridgeNE1-8094SillyLaffline: Steal
C. EldridgeNE1-8095SillyLaffline: Streak
C. EldridgeNE1-8096SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8097SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8098SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8099SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8100SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8101SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8102SillyLaffline: Stu Smokestak
C. EldridgeNE1-8103SillyLaffline: The Bar
C. EldridgeNE1-8104SillyLaffline: The Bet
C. EldridgeNE1-8105SillyLaffline: Time Lady
C. EldridgeNE1-8106SillyLaffline: Time Lady 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8107SillyLaffline: Track 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8108SillyLaffline: Track 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8109SillyLaffline: Track 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8110SillyLaffline: Track 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8111SillyLaffline: Track 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8112SillyLaffline: Track 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8113SillyLaffline: Track 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8114SillyLaffline: Track 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8115SillyLaffline: Unfinished
C. EldridgeNE1-8116SillyLaffline: Unusual City
C. EldridgeNE1-8117SillyLaffline: Used
C. EldridgeNE1-8118SillyLaffline: VOC1
C. EldridgeNE1-8119SillyLaffline: VOC2
C. EldridgeNE1-8120SillyLaffline: VOC3
C. EldridgeNE1-8121SillyLaffline: VOC4
C. EldridgeNE1-8122SillyLaffline: VOC5
C. EldridgeNE1-8123SillyLaffline: VOC6
C. EldridgeNE1-8124SillyLaffline: Waste Away
C. EldridgeNE1-8125SillyLaffline: Water
C. EldridgeNE1-8126SillyLaffline: Whine
C. EldridgeNE1-8127SillyLaffline: Winner
C. EldridgeNE1-8128SillyLaffline: Worthless
C. EldridgeNE1-8130SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8131SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8132SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8133SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8134SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8135SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8136SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8137SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8138SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8139SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8140SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8141SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8142SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8143SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 9
C. EldridgeNE1-8144SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 10
C. EldridgeNE1-8145SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 11
C. EldridgeNE1-8146SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 12
C. EldridgeNE1-8147SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 13
C. EldridgeNE1-8148SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 14
C. EldridgeNE1-8149SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 15
C. EldridgeNE1-8150SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 16
C. EldridgeNE1-8151SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 17
C. EldridgeNE1-8152SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 18
C. EldridgeNE1-8153SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 19
C. EldridgeNE1-8154SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 20
C. EldridgeNE1-8155SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 21
C. EldridgeNE1-8156SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 22
C. EldridgeNE1-8157SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 23
C. EldridgeNE1-8158SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 24
C. EldridgeNE1-8159SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 25
C. EldridgeNE1-8160SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 26
C. EldridgeNE1-8161SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 27
C. EldridgeNE1-8162SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 28
C. EldridgeNE1-8163SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 29
C. EldridgeNE1-8164SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 30
C. EldridgeNE1-8165SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8166SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8167SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8168SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8169SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8170SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8171SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8172SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8173SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 9
C. EldridgeNE1-8174SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 10
C. EldridgeNE1-8175SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 11
C. EldridgeNE1-8176SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 12
C. EldridgeNE1-8177SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 13
C. EldridgeNE1-8178SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 14
C. EldridgeNE1-8179SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 15
C. EldridgeNE1-8180SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 16
C. EldridgeNE1-8181SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 17
C. EldridgeNE1-8182SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 18
C. EldridgeNE1-8183SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 19
C. EldridgeNE1-8184SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 20
C. EldridgeNE1-8185SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 21
C. EldridgeNE1-8186SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 22
C. EldridgeNE1-8187SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 23
C. EldridgeNE1-8188SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 24
C. EldridgeNE1-8189SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 25
C. EldridgeNE1-8190SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 26
C. EldridgeNE1-8191SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 27
C. EldridgeNE1-8192SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 28
C. EldridgeNE1-8193SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 29
C. EldridgeNE1-8194SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 30
C. EldridgeNE1-8195SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 31
C. EldridgeNE1-8196SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 32
C. EldridgeNE1-8197SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 33
C. EldridgeNE1-8198SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 34
C. EldridgeNE1-8199SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 35
C. EldridgeNE1-8200SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 36
C. EldridgeNE1-8201SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 37
C. EldridgeNE1-8202SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 38
C. EldridgeNE1-8203SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 39
C. EldridgeNE1-8204SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 40
C. EldridgeNE1-8205SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 41
C. EldridgeNE1-8206SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 42
C. EldridgeNE1-8207SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 43
C. EldridgeNE1-8208SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 44
C. EldridgeNE1-8209SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 45
C. EldridgeNE1-8210SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 46
C. EldridgeNE1-8211SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 47
C. EldridgeNE1-8212SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 48
C. EldridgeNE1-8213SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 49
C. EldridgeNE1-8214SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 50
C. EldridgeNE1-8215SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 51
C. EldridgeNE1-8216SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 52
C. EldridgeNE1-8217SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 53
C. EldridgeNE1-8218SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 54
C. EldridgeNE1-8219SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 55
C. EldridgeNE1-8220SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 56
C. EldridgeNE1-8221SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 57
C. EldridgeNE1-8222SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 58
C. EldridgeNE1-8223SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 59
C. EldridgeNE1-8224SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 60
C. EldridgeNE1-8225SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 61
C. EldridgeNE1-8226SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 62
C. EldridgeNE1-8227SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 63
C. EldridgeNE1-8228SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 64
C. EldridgeNE1-8229SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 65
C. EldridgeNE1-8230SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 66
C. EldridgeNE1-8231SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 67
C. EldridgeNE1-8232SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 68
C. EldridgeNE1-8233SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 69
C. EldridgeNE1-8234SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 70
C. EldridgeNE1-8235SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 71
C. EldridgeNE1-8236SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 72
C. EldridgeNE1-8237SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 73
C. EldridgeNE1-8238SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 74
C. EldridgeNE1-8239SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 75
C. EldridgeNE1-8240SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 76
C. EldridgeNE1-8241SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 77
C. EldridgeNE1-8242SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 78
C. EldridgeNE1-8243SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 79
C. EldridgeNE1-8244SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 80
C. EldridgeNE1-8245SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 81
C. EldridgeNE1-8246SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 82
C. EldridgeNE1-8247SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 83
C. EldridgeNE1-8248SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 84
C. EldridgeNE1-8249SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 85
C. EldridgeNE1-8250SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 86
C. EldridgeNE1-8251SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 87
C. EldridgeNE1-8252SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 88
C. EldridgeNE1-8253SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 89
C. EldridgeNE1-8254SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 90
C. EldridgeNE1-8255SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 91
C. EldridgeNE1-8256SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 92
C. EldridgeNE1-8257SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 93
C. EldridgeNE1-8258SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 94
C. EldridgeNE1-8259SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 95
C. EldridgeNE1-8260SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 96
C. EldridgeNE1-8261SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 97
C. EldridgeNE1-8262SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 98
C. EldridgeNE1-8263SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 99
C. EldridgeNE1-8264SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 100
C. EldridgeNE1-8265SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 101
C. EldridgeNE1-8266SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 102
C. EldridgeNE1-8267SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 103
C. EldridgeNE1-8268SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 104
C. EldridgeNE1-8269SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 105
C. EldridgeNE1-8270SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 106
C. EldridgeNE1-8271SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 107
C. EldridgeNE1-8272SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 108
C. EldridgeNE1-8273SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 109
C. EldridgeNE1-8274SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 110
C. EldridgeNE1-8275SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 111
C. EldridgeNE1-8276SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 112
C. EldridgeNE1-8277SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 113
C. EldridgeNE1-8278SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 114
C. EldridgeNE1-8279SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 115
C. EldridgeNE1-8280SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 116
C. EldridgeNE1-8281SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 117
C. EldridgeNE1-8282SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 118
C. EldridgeNE1-8283SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 119
C. EldridgeNE1-8284SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 120
C. EldridgeNE1-8285SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 121
C. EldridgeNE1-8286SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 122
C. EldridgeNE1-8287SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 123
C. EldridgeNE1-8288SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 124
C. EldridgeNE1-8289SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 125
C. EldridgeNE1-8290SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 126
C. EldridgeNE1-8291SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 127
C. EldridgeNE1-8292SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 128
C. EldridgeNE1-8293SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 129
C. EldridgeNE1-8294SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 130
C. EldridgeNE1-8295SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 131
C. EldridgeNE1-8296SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 132
C. EldridgeNE1-8297SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 133
C. EldridgeNE1-8298SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 134
C. EldridgeNE1-8300SillyConvex Joke Line 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8301SillyConvex Joke Line 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8302SillyConvex Joke Line 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8303SillyConvex Joke Line 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8304SillyConvex Joke Line 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8305SillyConvex Joke Line 6
C. EldridgeNE1-9901Switch VerificationNeptune Office - Verification
C. EldridgeNE1-9931Echo TestNeptune Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeNE1-9932Silent TerminationNeptune Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeNE1-9958ANACNeptune Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeNE1-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeNE1-9960MilliwattNeptune Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeNE1-9970BusyNeptune Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeNE1-9971ReorderNeptune Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeNE1-9972InterceptNeptune Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeNE1-9973InterceptNeptune Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeNE1-9974InterceptNeptune Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeNE1-9979TonesNeptune Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeNE1-9990RecordingNeptune Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeMI4-1111DISAMidway Office DISA
C. EldridgeMI4-6955RecordingBurger World
C. EldridgeMI4-9901Switch VerificationMidway Office – Verification
C. EldridgeMI4-9931Echo TestMidway Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeMI4-9932Silent TerminationMidway Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeMI4-9958ANACMidway Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeMI4-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeMI4-9960MilliwattMidway Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeMI4-9970BusyMidway Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeMI4-9971ReorderMidway Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeMI4-9972InterceptMidway Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeMI4-9973InterceptMidway Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeMI4-9974InterceptMidway Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeMI4-9979TonesMidway Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeMI4-9990RingoutMidway Office - Always Ring
C. EldridgeMI5-1001RecordingWhat Did the Old Telephone Network Sound Like? Overview of the Recordings (rough draft)
C. EldridgeMI5-1002RecordingNetwork Sounds of the 70's, part 1 (1971-1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-1003RecordingNetwork Sounds of the 70's, part 2 (1976-1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-1201RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 1
C. EldridgeMI5-1202RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 2
C. EldridgeMI5-1203RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 3: Atlanta in Sept., 1970
C. EldridgeMI5-1204RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 4
C. EldridgeMI5-1205RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 5
C. EldridgeMI5-1206RecordingHow Evan Doorbell became a Phone Phreak, part 6
C. EldridgeMI5-1207RecordingHow I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 7: The Dark Side of "Party Lines," November 1970
C. EldridgeMI5-1208RecordingHow I Became a Phone Phreak pgm.8: Kennedy Airport Phone Trip, December 1970
C. EldridgeMI5-1209RecordingHow I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 9 (Nov-Dec 1970)
C. EldridgeMI5-1210RecordingHow I Became a Phone Phreak pgm. 10, December 1970
C. EldridgeMI5-1300RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, Introduction
C. EldridgeMI5-1301RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 1: Calls to Centralized Intercept (February 1977, June 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1302RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 2: The Hempstead-White Plains Route (June 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1303RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 3:Anecdotes, Centralized Intercept, #5 Crossbar (February 1977, June 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1304RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 4: An Assortments of Calls via Hempstead Tandem 3 (June 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1305RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 5: Centralized Intercept Calls via New York 7 (February 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1306RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 6: Calls to NY State's 315 NPA (Summer 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1307RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 7: More calls to NY State's 315 NPA (Summer 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1308RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 8: DDD from Panel, 4M Dialpulsing (1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1309RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 9: DDD from #1 Crossbar, ANI Failures, NX1 Sounds (1974-1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1310RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 10: Calls to -- and through -- NX1's (1974-1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1311RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 11: Centralized Intercept, NX1 Test Board, NX1 Tandem calls (1974-1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1312RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 12: More NX1's, Receiving a Stacked Call, Hempstead-White Plains Route (1974-1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1313RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 13: DDD Demo Recordings (1971-1975), SP1 Tandems (1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1314RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 14: SP1's, SFing Augusta Step Tandem (1976-77)
C. EldridgeMI5-1315RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm. 15: 4M & XBT Audible Dialpulsing, Calling France, Forced Reroutes (1974-1982)
C. EldridgeMI5-1316RecordingThe Sounds of Long Distance, pgm 16: 4A’s Revertive Pulsing, Short Long Distance NYC to NJ (1974-1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-1401RecordingClassic Tandem Stacking (January, 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1402RecordingThe MF Boogie Blues 1 by Kim Lingo, early 1971
C. EldridgeMI5-1403RecordingPhreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 1 (January, 1972)
C. EldridgeMI5-1404RecordingPhreaks from Esquire article on "052" conference, part 2 (January, 1972)
C. EldridgeMI5-1405RecordingThe MF Boogie Blues 2 by Kim Lingo, early 1971
C. EldridgeMI5-1406RecordingPhreaks and Folks on Hempstead NY Vacant Code Conference, part 1 (June, 1971)
C. EldridgeMI5-1407RecordingDialing Those Mysterious "1xx" and "0xx" Codes (1974-1980)
C. EldridgeMI5-1408RecordingDialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 1 (1978,1980)
C. EldridgeMI5-1409RecordingDialing the "1xx" Codes from Greenville NC Coin Phones, part 2 (1978,1980)
C. EldridgeMI5-1410RecordingA HiFi 914 Routings tape, part 1 (December, 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1411RecordingA HiFi 914 Routings tape, part 2 (1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1412RecordingThe (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 1 (1982, 1983)
C. EldridgeMI5-1413RecordingThe (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 2 (1983, 1985)
C. EldridgeMI5-1414RecordingThe (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 3 (1983)
C. EldridgeMI5-1415RecordingThe (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, part 4 (1983, 1987)
C. EldridgeMI5-1416RecordingBill Acker demonstrating Jacksonville, NC Step by Step switch in a taped letter to another phone phreak (Carolina Tel & Tel) (April 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1417RecordingIntro program to the "Exploring the Life Insurance Tie-lines" series, Fall 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1418RecordingExploring the Life Insurance Tie-lines, pgm 1 PARTIAL, Fall 1976 (ends abruptly)
C. EldridgeMI5-1419RecordingSF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 1, 1979
C. EldridgeMI5-1420RecordingSF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 2, 1979
C. EldridgeMI5-1421RecordingSF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 3, 1979
C. EldridgeMI5-1422RecordingSF Mapping the Gainesville GA Step Tandem Pgm 4, 1979
C. EldridgeMI5-1423RecordingResearching Atlanta's most rules-compliant COCOTs with Les, February 1986, part 1
C. EldridgeMI5-1424RecordingResearching Atlanta's most rules-compliant COCOTs with Les, February 1986, part 2
C. EldridgeMI5-1425RecordingRough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 4: Phreaking via Warwick (December 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1426RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 5: More Warwick Phreaking (1975-76) (Final Version)
C. EldridgeMI5-1427RecordingSTACKING local offices: Elizabeth City NC Area part 3 (Summer, 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-1501RecordingGEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 1 (November, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1502RecordingGEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 2 (November, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1503RecordingGEdney 9 Panel in Brooklyn NY, part 3 (November, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1504RecordingNEptune 4 #1 Crossbar in Belle Harbor, Queens: Local Routings, part 1 (May, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-1505RecordingNYC Routings, program 1970A
C. EldridgeMI5-1506RecordingNYC Routings, program 1970B
C. EldridgeMI5-1507RecordingNYC Routings, Program 1973C
C. EldridgeMI5-1508RecordingNYC Routings, Program 1973D
C. EldridgeMI5-1509RecordingThe Bronx pgm. 1A: #1 Crossbar in the Grand Concourse C.O., 1972-78
C. EldridgeMI5-1510RecordingThe Bronx pgm. 1B: Grand Concourse #1 Crossbar, Pulse Conversion, Vesey 2 (1972-78)
C. EldridgeMI5-1511RecordingThe Bronx pgm. 1C: #1 Crossbar in the Grand Concourse C.O., Jan 1978
C. EldridgeMI5-1512RecordingBen's Tapes 08 - Calls from Belle Harbor #1 Crossbar incl. Suburban Panel Sender Tandem and old Houston SAIS (December 1973)
C. EldridgeMI5-1513RecordingBen's Tapes 09 through 21 (Program A) (Early 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-1514RecordingBen's Tapes 09 through 21 (Program B) (Late 1973 / Early 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-1515RecordingHow I Became a Phone Phreak pgm.8: Kennedy Airport Phone Trip, December 1970
C. EldridgeMI5-1516RecordingPanel Pulsing Lover's Tape (1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1517RecordingWhat Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 1 of 3)
C. EldridgeMI5-1518RecordingWhat Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 2 of 3)
C. EldridgeMI5-1519RecordingWhat Was 4-5-0? Getting Into the Test Lines & Mechanical Tones of the NY Area, 1971-77 (Part 3 of 3)
C. EldridgeMI5-1601RecordingTidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 2: Step in Colonial Beach (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1602RecordingTidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 3: NX2 in Ladysmith (August, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1603RecordingTidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 4: Step in Bowling Green (Summer, 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-1604RecordingTidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 5: NX2 in Hague (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1605RecordingLocal Coin Control in the 1970s (1975-1978, 2001)
C. EldridgeMI5-1606RecordingStep in Harrisonburg VA, part 1 (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1607RecordingStep in Harrisonburg VA, part 2 (August, 1976)(Includes "Local Carrier Sounds" Demo, 1974-1986)
C. EldridgeMI5-1608RecordingStep Tributaries of Harrisonburg VA, part 1 (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1609RecordingStep Tributaries of Harrisonburg VA, part 2 (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1610RecordingToll Station in Shenandoah National Park VA, (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1611RecordingStep in Front Royal VA, August 1976 - listening with Bill in 2013
C. EldridgeMI5-1612RecordingBell #1 Step with CDO tones in Martinsburg WV, August 1976 - listening with Bill in 2013
C. EldridgeMI5-1613RecordingRough Draft of XY Step in Greencastle PA (August 1976) Narrated with Bill Acker
C. EldridgeMI5-1614RecordingNX1 Crossbar in Chambersburg PA (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1615RecordingXY Step in Fayetteville PA, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1616RecordingIndependent Steps in Gettysburg PA, Luray VA, and South Hill VA, including Callback Circuit Phreaking (August, 1976, April, 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1617RecordingNX1 Crossbar in New Oxford PA (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1618RecordingStep in Rawlinsville PA. August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1619RecordingESC in Quarryville PA (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1620RecordingStep in Gap, PA (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1621RecordingConestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 1: ESC in Morgantown PA, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1622RecordingConestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 2: Step in Birdsboro PA, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1623RecordingConestoga Tel&Tel pgm. 3: Step in Oley PA, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1624RecordingStep with "St. Thomas" Dial Tone in New Tripoli PA, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1625Recording#1 ESS in Allentown PA including Coin Zone, August 1976 (some 1974 stuff from Long Island included)
C. EldridgeMI5-1626RecordingStep in Pen Argyl PA, (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1627RecordingNX1 Crossbar in Belvedere NJ plus miscellaneous digressions (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1628RecordingStep in Oxford NJ, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1629RecordingStep in Great Meadows NJ, August 1976
C. EldridgeMI5-1630RecordingMaryland Phone Trips, part 3: The Only Independent (August, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1631RecordingStromberg-Carlson ESC in Chancellor VA, (August, 1976) (Remastered in 2016)
C. EldridgeMI5-1632RecordingFredericksburg VA #5 Crossbar (August, 1976) (Remastered in 2016)
C. EldridgeMI5-1633RecordingTidewater Virginia Phone Trips, part 1: Barely Recordable Places (August 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-1701RecordingCarolina Tel. part 1: Step with ESS tones in Washington NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1702RecordingAll Relay system in Pinetown NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1703RecordingCarolina Tel. part 2: Step in Belhaven NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1704RecordingCarolina Tel. part 3: LD Calls from Greenville NX1 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1705RecordingCarolina Tel. part 4: NX1-E in Vanceboro NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1706RecordingCarolina Tel. part 5: Step with "GTE" ring in Williamston NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1707RecordingCarolina Tel. part 6: Step with no E.A.S. in Windsor NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1708RecordingStep With Directors: Elizabeth City NC Area part 1 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1709RecordingStep With Directors: Elizabeth City NC Area part 2 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1710RecordingAll Relay system in Pinetown NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1711RecordingSTACKING local offices: Elizabeth City NC Area part 3 (Summer, 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-1712RecordingStep With Directors, More Details: Elizabeth City NC Area part 4 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1713RecordingStep With Directors, A Closer C.O.: Elizabeth City NC Area part 5 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1714RecordingCarolina Tel. part 7: Step homing on an NX1 in Farmville NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1715RecordingCarolina Tel. part 8: Step C.D.O. in Stantonsburg NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1716RecordingCarolina Tel. part 9: A Larger Step in Wilson NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1717RecordingTwo Faces of Carolina Telephone: Steps in Kenly and Clayton NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1718RecordingTwo Faces of Carolina Telephone: Steps in Kenly and Clayton NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1719Recording"Classic" XY Step in Fuquay-Varina NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1720Recording"Classic" XY Step in Fuquay-Varina NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1721RecordingXY Step (non-typical) in Sanford NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1722RecordingTypical XY Steps in Goldston & Bonlee NC, part 1 (March, 1977) (Includes "Step is Weird" Demonstration from Bell Step CDO in Sperryville VA, May, 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1723RecordingTypical XY Steps in Goldston & Bonlee NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1724RecordingNX1 in Siler City NC via Motel PBX (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1725RecordingStep-NX1 Symbiosis in Siler City NC (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1726RecordingStep in Ramseur NC, part 1 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1727RecordingStep in Ramseur NC, part 2 (March, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1728RecordingAsheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 1) (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1729RecordingAsheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 2) (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1730RecordingAsheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 3) (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1731RecordingAsheboro, NC Pentaconta Crossbar (Part 4) (Summer 1986)
C. EldridgeMI5-1732RecordingMonroe, NC (Stromberg-Carlson XY) (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1733RecordingRock Hill Telephone Company (Part 1) - Fort Mill, SC Stromberg-Carlson ESC (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1734RecordingRock Hill Telephone Company (Part 2) - Rock Hill, SC AE Step (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1735RecordingRock Hill Telephone Company (Part 3) - Rock Hill, SC #1EAX (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1736RecordingSenderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 1
C. EldridgeMI5-1737RecordingSenderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 2
C. EldridgeMI5-1738RecordingSenderized XY Step in Lexington SC, pgm. 3 (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1739RecordingBell #355 Step on a Long Cable Pair from Batesburg, SC (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1740RecordingXY Step with TSD in Saluda SC (March 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1741RecordingBell #355 Step on a Long Cable Pair from Edgefield SC, March 1977 plus digressions
C. EldridgeMI5-1742RecordingGTE/Leich CXP-5 Crosspoint Switch in McCormick SC part 1, March 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-1743RecordingGTE/Leich CXP-5's: McCormick SC part 2, March 1977; Stanardsville VA outage, Feb 1981
C. EldridgeMI5-1801RecordingEarly 80s Phreaking, Pgm 1: Janning-by-Apple, Analog Answering machines survey and more
C. EldridgeMI5-1802RecordingEarly 80sPhreaking, Pgm. 2: The Apple finds a CCSA network (Warning: Lots of technobabble)
C. EldridgeMI5-1803RecordingEarly 80s Phreaking pgm. 3: George, The Interactive Answering Machine
C. EldridgeMI5-1804RecordingEarly 80s Phreaking pgm 4: More CCSA & the Sportsline Prank, 1982
C. EldridgeMI5-1805RecordingEarly80s Pgm 5: Effect of CCIS on Phreaking, Olney SF'ing, 1981-83
C. EldridgeMI5-1806RecordingEarly 80's pgm. 6: Olney IL Senderized Step Tandem incl. SF'ing, April 1981
C. EldridgeMI5-1807RecordingEarly 80s Pgm.7: My Line Cutover & Homemade Looparound in 1980
C. EldridgeMI5-1808RecordingEarly80's Pgm. 8: The 526 Conference Begins, May 1981
C. EldridgeMI5-1809RecordingEarly 80s Pgm. 9: The 526 Conference Ends, May 1981
C. EldridgeMI5-1810RecordingEarly 80s pgm. 10: Cognitronics' Early Announcing Systems on Phone and Short Wave (1972 - 1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-1811RecordingEarly 80s pgm. 11: Troubles in Rome GA (July 1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-1812RecordingEarly 80s pgm. 12: Oil Company CCSA (continued)
C. EldridgeMI5-1813RecordingEarly 80s pgm. 13: Odd Ring Tones, A Remote New York City Dialtone, Time Announcements, 1981 - 1983
C. EldridgeMI5-1814RecordingResearching ConTelNet CCSA, pgm. 1, July 1980
C. EldridgeMI5-1815RecordingResearching ConTelNet CCSA, pgm. 2, July 1980
C. EldridgeMI5-1901RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 1 (August 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-1902RecordingRough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 2 (August 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-1903RecordingRough draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 3 (November 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1904RecordingRough Draft of Warwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 4: Phreaking via Warwick (December 1975)
C. EldridgeMI5-1905RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 5: More Warwick Phreaking (1975-76) (Final Version)
C. EldridgeMI5-1906RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 6 (Final Version)
C. EldridgeMI5-1907RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area pgm. 7: Senderized Step in Washingtonville NY, February 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-1908RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area pgm. 8: Senderized Step in Monroe NY, February 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-1909RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area pgm. 9: Monroe Sector called from NYC, Senderized Step in Chester NY, 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-1910RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area pgm. 10: Stromberg ESC/PL1 in Warwick NY, Feb. 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-1911RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area of NY, pgm. 11: Local calls from Florida NY Step (February 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1912RecordingWarwick and the 914 Area, pgm. 12: Long Distance Calls from Florida NY Step (February 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-1913RecordingWarwick & 914, pgm. 13: Nyack XBT Sector via N1 Carrier from Mamaroneck NY #5 Crossbar (July 1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-1914RecordingWarwick & 914 #14: Nyack Sector via N1 Carrier from Mamaroneck NY #5 Crossbar, continued (July 1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-2001RecordingSo. California Phone Trips part 1: Van Nuys #5 Crossbar (Summer, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2002RecordingSo. California Phone Trips part 2: Misc. Van Nuys Phun Stuff (Summer, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2003RecordingSo. California Phone Trips part 3: GTE Step in Indio (Summer, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2004RecordingBell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 1 (Sept., 1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2005RecordingBell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 2 (Sept., 1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2006RecordingBell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 3 (Sept., 1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2007RecordingBell System #1 Step in downtown Raleigh NC, part 4 (Sept., 1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2008RecordingNX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 1 (June, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2009RecordingNX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 2 (June, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2010RecordingNX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 2 (June, 1974) (Extended Version)
C. EldridgeMI5-2011RecordingNX-1 Crossbar in Greenville NC, part 3 (June, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2012RecordingSupplemental Sounds of Step, part 1 (1974,'77,'80)
C. EldridgeMI5-2013RecordingSupplemental Sounds of Step, part 2, Atlanta's TRinity office (1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2014RecordingSupplemental Sounds of Step, part 3, Atlanta's TRinity office (1979)
C. EldridgeMI5-2015RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 1: Salt Springs and Crystal River  FL, 1978
C. EldridgeMI5-2016RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 2: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982
C. EldridgeMI5-2017RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm. 3 (Ocala-Silver Springs 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-2018RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm. 4 (Ocala-Silver Springs 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-2019RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 5: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982 (from motel PBX)
C. EldridgeMI5-2020RecordingFlorida (Siemens) Motor Switches pgm 6: Ocala-Silver springs, May 1982 (from motel PBX)
C. EldridgeMI5-2021Recording"Not Jane" and the Commerce GA Area Pgm. 1(1973-1983)
C. EldridgeMI5-2022RecordingCommerce GA Area, Pgm. 2: Sounds from Maysvile, Pendergrass and Jefferson XYs, April 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-2023RecordingThe Commerce GA Area, Pgm. 3: Sounds from Commerce NX1; Homer & Braselton XYs (April 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2024RecordingHahira, GA NX2 Crossbar (March 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-2025RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, Introduction to Woodbridge-Occoquan-Lorton (June 1973, August 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2026RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 1: The Local Area From Woodbridge-Occoquan (August 1977, October 1973)
C. EldridgeMI5-2027RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 2: changes in the Occoquan switch, 1973 to 1977 (October 1973, August 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2028RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 3: Manassas in 1976 (May, June 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-2029RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 4: Dale City in October 1973
C. EldridgeMI5-2030RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 5: Dale City, Rewired (August 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2031RecordingSenderized XY Steps in Prince William County VA, pgm. 6: Long Distance from Dale City; Virginia Suburbs of D.C. from Occoquan-Lorton (August 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2032RecordingWoodbridge, VA 1973 (REVISED)
C. EldridgeMI5-2033RecordingStep in Nantes Quebec, part 1 (August, 2001)
C. EldridgeMI5-2034RecordingStep in Nantes Quebec, part 2 (August, 2001)
C. EldridgeMI5-2035RecordingStep in Nantes Quebec, part 3 Warning: LOTS of technobabble. (August, 2001)
C. EldridgeMI5-2036RecordingWellfleet, MA Map, Part 1
C. EldridgeMI5-2037RecordingWellfleet, MA Map, Part 2
C. EldridgeMI5-2038RecordingSome LD calls from coin and home phones in Wellfleet, MA (July, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2039RecordingStep-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 1 (October, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2040RecordingStep-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 2 (October, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2041RecordingStep-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 3 (October, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2042RecordingStep-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 4 (October, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2043RecordingStep-ESS Symbiosis in Smyrna GA, part 5 (October, 1977)
C. EldridgeMI5-2044RecordingMaryland Phone Trips, part 1 (Fall, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2045RecordingMaryland Phone Trips, part 2 (Fall, 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2046RecordingCX-1000 All Relay System in Benson VT (1974, 1976, Summer, 1978)
C. EldridgeMI5-2047RecordingBell #355 Step in Kent CT (August 1980)
C. EldridgeMI5-2048RecordingUNEDITED ORIGINAL - Greenville, NC NX1 Crossbar (1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2049RecordingMarietta, GA Step (Introduction)
C. EldridgeMI5-2050RecordingMarietta, GA Step, Part 1
C. EldridgeMI5-2051RecordingMarietta, GA Step, Part 2
C. EldridgeMI5-2052RecordingMarietta, GA Step, Part 3
C. EldridgeMI5-2053RecordingNetwork Sounds of the 70's, part 1 (1971-1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-2054RecordingNetwork Sounds of the 70's, part 2 (1976-1981)
C. EldridgeMI5-2101RecordingPermanent Signal Recordings (1971-1983)
C. EldridgeMI5-2102RecordingTwo Early Voice Recognition Systems (1972-74, 1980)
C. EldridgeMI5-2103RecordingRing and Busy Tones in North America, a 1970s Narration, 1971-73
C. EldridgeMI5-2104RecordingOuttakes In Context 1
C. EldridgeMI5-2105RecordingMy Introduction To Shortwave Radio pgm. 1, 1968-70
C. EldridgeMI5-2106RecordingMy Introduction To Shortwave Radio pgm. 2, 1968-70
C. EldridgeMI5-2107RecordingOpening sounder for Los Angeles Joke Line "Z", circa 1971
C. EldridgeMI5-2108RecordingAl Bernay Comment Tape Excerpts (July, 1976)
C. EldridgeMI5-2109RecordingConversation with Tom Duffy (1972)
C. EldridgeMI5-2110RecordingQuestions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 1)
C. EldridgeMI5-2111RecordingQuestions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 2)
C. EldridgeMI5-2112RecordingQuestions for Evan Doorbell from Brad Sept 2015 (part 3)
C. EldridgeMI5-2113Recording"Merry Christmas" ID for The Beyond Radio Network
C. EldridgeMI5-2114RecordingHow to simulate the Automatic Intercept System (AIS) using modern techniques
C. EldridgeMI5-2115RecordingThe 96 tracks used in the Automatic Intercept System (AIS)
C. EldridgeMI5-2116RecordingThe (1A ESS) Centrex Quirks of ‘83, Highlights
C. EldridgeMI5-2117RecordingMartin Explains #5 Crossbar to Me at the Telephone Museum Ellsworth Maine, September 2016 (all)
C. EldridgeMI5-2118RecordingKalehoff Heaven 1
C. EldridgeMI5-2119RecordingA non-perfect recording of the PERFECT World's First AIS in Hempstead NY, 1972
C. EldridgeMI5-2120RecordingThe Analog Telephone System Show #001
C. EldridgeMI5-2121RecordingThe Analog Telephone System Show #002
C. EldridgeMI5-2122RecordingThe Analog Telephone System Show #003
C. EldridgeMI5-2123RecordingThe Analog Telephone System Show #004
C. EldridgeMI5-2124RecordingRaw Tape 732 - Hempstead 5167 "N" Recording Conference, April 1971
C. EldridgeMI5-2125RecordingRaw Tape 1065 p1 - Stone Mountain GA's small step switch's last days, 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-2126RecordingRaw Tape 1065 p2 - Atlanta's "52" downtown step, Sept. 1977
C. EldridgeMI5-2127RecordingUNNARRATED - Jane Barbe Audichron voice samples from Greenville, NC (December 1974)
C. EldridgeMI5-2128RecordingUNNARRATED - Jane Barbie Examples
C. EldridgeRH2-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeTR4-1111DISATrinity Office DISA
C. EldridgeTR4-9901Switch VerificationTrinity Office - Verification
C. EldridgeTR4-9931Echo TestTrinity Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeTR4-9932Silent TerminationTrinity Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeTR4-9958ANACTrinity Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeTR4-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeTR4-9960MilliwattTrinity Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeTR4-9970BusyTrinity Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeTR4-9971ReorderTrinity Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeTR4-9972InterceptTrinity Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeTR4-9973InterceptTrinity Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeTR4-9974InterceptTrinity Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeTR4-9979TonesTrinity Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeTR4-9990RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 0
C. EldridgeTR4-9991RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 1
C. EldridgeTR4-9992RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 2
C. EldridgeTR4-9993RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 3
C. EldridgeTR4-9994RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 4
C. EldridgeTR4-9995RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 5
C. EldridgeTR4-9996RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 6
C. EldridgeTR4-9997RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 7
C. EldridgeTR4-9998RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 8
C. EldridgeTR4-9999RingoutTrinity Office - Party Ring 9
C. EldridgeWH2-1111DISAWhitney Office DISA
C. EldridgeWH2-9901Switch VerificationWhitney Office - Verification
C. EldridgeWH2-9931Echo TestWhitney Office - Echo Test
C. EldridgeWH2-9932Silent TerminationWhitney Office - Silent Termination
C. EldridgeWH2-9958ANACWhitney Office - ANAC
C. EldridgeWH2-9959RingbackLocal Customer Ringback Circuit
C. EldridgeWH2-9960MilliwattWhitney Office - Milliwatt Test
C. EldridgeWH2-9970BusyWhitney Office - Always Busy
C. EldridgeWH2-9971ReorderWhitney Office - Always Reorder
C. EldridgeWH2-9972InterceptWhitney Office - Number Not In Service
C. EldridgeWH2-9973InterceptWhitney Office - Cannot Be Completed As Dialed
C. EldridgeWH2-9974InterceptWhitney Office - All Circuits Are Busy
C. EldridgeWH2-9979TonesWhitney Office - Tone Sweep
C. EldridgeWH2-9990RingoutWhitney Office - Always Ring
C. Eldridge976-3732RecordingFreddy Freaker - The Freak Phone
C. Eldridge976-3733RecordingThe Freak Phone (Version 2)
C. Eldridge976-4903ConferenceFreak Phone Conference