Mountain Electric


US PSTN — (315) 898-1680
US PSTN — (470) 480-3236
US PSTN — (929) 444-7176
US PSTN — (415) 475-9034
UK PSTN — +44 (0) 560-386-9932
UK PSTN — +44 7441 428054
C*NET — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via StepNet
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

334 listings

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N. AlbertBE1-1039SillyAlphabet Readback
N. AlbertBE1-6110SillyAddition Math Game
N. AlbertBE1-6120SillySubtraction Math Game
N. AlbertBE1-6130SillyMultiplication Math Game
N. AlbertBE1-6140SillyDivision Math Game
N. AlbertBE1-6150SillyMultiplication Calculator
M. Blocker260-1122SillyAsterisk silliness - Just me messing with sounds. Might change at any time.
M. Blocker260-1424SillyComedyCures Laughline - Visit their website for info
M. Blocker260-1505SillyIVR Adventure Game
R. Grant442-2676SillyMadame Julia helps you to relax
R. Grant442-2766SillyMadame Julia tells your fortune
R. Grant442-2778SillyMiss Trisha
R. Grant442-3277SillyBritish Methane - can you get through to someone?
R. Grant442-3282SillyWilkinson's Sound Effects Box
R. Grant442-3284SillyDaniel O'Donnell
R. Grant442-3285SillyIn a Queue
R. Grant442-3288SillyThe Maples Surgery - 3 precious minutes you'll never have again...
R. Grant442-3292SillyCall Centre
R. Grant442-3900SillyThe Sea
R. Grant442-3901SillyA selection of toy telephone ringtones
R. Grant442-3903Silly'Calling London' - surrealistic audio montage
R. Grant442-3904SillyDial Intergalactica
R. Grant442-3905SillyFantastic Fone Funnies - from The Voice Squad
R. Grant442-3906SillyIVR Adventure game - by QRLEON
R. Grant442-3908Silly'Found' Answering machines from 'Soundgrabs'
R. Grant442-3909SillyDecision Maker - Yes or No? Let us decide...
R. Grant442-3910SillyMargaret Thatcher's top tips for politicians
R. Grant442-6314SillyLegendary comedian Dave Allen talks about telephones... contains adult language!
R. Grant442-6340SillyCohen on Telephone Etiquette (78rpm)
R. Grant442-6341SillyCohen at the Telephone (78rpm)
R. GrantGI2-7001SillyAlan
R. Grant442-8927SillyPlantagenet Confessional
C. EldridgeNE1-8002SillyLaffline: Accident
C. EldridgeNE1-8003SillyLaffline: Advice
C. EldridgeNE1-8004SillyLaffline: Analogy
C. EldridgeNE1-8005SillyLaffline: Analogy 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8006SillyLaffline: Answer Live 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8007SillyLaffline: Answer Live 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8008SillyLaffline: Answer Live 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8009SillyLaffline: Apple
C. EldridgeNE1-8010SillyLaffline: Bills 2 Pay
C. EldridgeNE1-8011SillyLaffline: Blue Box
C. EldridgeNE1-8012SillyLaffline: Brown
C. EldridgeNE1-8013SillyLaffline: Butcher
C. EldridgeNE1-8014SillyLaffline: Canibals
C. EldridgeNE1-8015SillyLaffline: Carrots
C. EldridgeNE1-8016SillyLaffline: Charlie Tuna
C. EldridgeNE1-8017SillyLaffline: Cheese
C. EldridgeNE1-8018SillyLaffline: Chicken
C. EldridgeNE1-8019SillyLaffline: Chuckle
C. EldridgeNE1-8020SillyLaffline: Circus
C. EldridgeNE1-8021SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions - Light
C. EldridgeNE1-8022SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions – Molotov
C. EldridgeNE1-8023SillyLaffline: Daffy Definitions – Sheet
C. EldridgeNE1-8024SillyLaffline: Diahrea
C. EldridgeNE1-8025SillyLaffline: Disconnected
C. EldridgeNE1-8026SillyLaffline: Don't Shoot Up
C. EldridgeNE1-8027SillyLaffline: Dough
C. EldridgeNE1-8028SillyLaffline: Dripstan
C. EldridgeNE1-8029SillyLaffline: Electric
C. EldridgeNE1-8030SillyLaffline: Elephant
C. EldridgeNE1-8031SillyLaffline: Energy
C. EldridgeNE1-8032SillyLaffline: Etiquitte
C. EldridgeNE1-8033SillyLaffline: Exorcism 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8034SillyLaffline: Exorcism 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8035SillyLaffline: Falling Rock
C. EldridgeNE1-8036SillyLaffline: Flat
C. EldridgeNE1-8037SillyLaffline: General Eccentric
C. EldridgeNE1-8038SillyLaffline: Germs
C. EldridgeNE1-8039SillyLaffline: Gibbons
C. EldridgeNE1-8040SillyLaffline: Good and Bad
C. EldridgeNE1-8041SillyLaffline: Greek Urn
C. EldridgeNE1-8042SillyLaffline: Grumpy
C. EldridgeNE1-8043SillyLaffline: Gulp
C. EldridgeNE1-8044SillyLaffline: Hair Biz
C. EldridgeNE1-8045SillyLaffline: Hang up
C. EldridgeNE1-8046SillyLaffline: Helena
C. EldridgeNE1-8047SillyLaffline: Help Thy Neighbor
C. EldridgeNE1-8048SillyLaffline: Insomnia
C. EldridgeNE1-8049SillyLaffline: Jello
C. EldridgeNE1-8050SillyLaffline: Jingle
C. EldridgeNE1-8051SillyLaffline: Joke Week
C. EldridgeNE1-8052SillyLaffline: KK Hey Hey
C. EldridgeNE1-8053SillyLaffline: Leak
C. EldridgeNE1-8054SillyLaffline: Line Man
C. EldridgeNE1-8055SillyLaffline: Live Promo 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8056SillyLaffline: Live Promo 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8057SillyLaffline: Logo Contest
C. EldridgeNE1-8058SillyLaffline: Looney Tunes
C. EldridgeNE1-8059SillyLaffline: Mental
C. EldridgeNE1-8060SillyLaffline: Mike Kramer
C. EldridgeNE1-8061SillyLaffline: News Flash
C. EldridgeNE1-8062SillyLaffline: Nixon
C. EldridgeNE1-8063SillyLaffline: Old Tapes
C. EldridgeNE1-8064SillyLaffline: One Liners
C. EldridgeNE1-8065SillyLaffline: Operation
C. EldridgeNE1-8066SillyLaffline: Pacific Hospital
C. EldridgeNE1-8067SillyLaffline: Pardon Me
C. EldridgeNE1-8068SillyLaffline: Pencils
C. EldridgeNE1-8069SillyLaffline: Pick
C. EldridgeNE1-8070SillyLaffline: Pollution
C. EldridgeNE1-8071SillyLaffline: Poster Contest 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8072SillyLaffline: Poster Contest 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8073SillyLaffline: Promo 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8074SillyLaffline: Promo 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8075SillyLaffline: Promo 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8076SillyLaffline: Promo 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8077SillyLaffline: Promo 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8078SillyLaffline: Promo 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8079SillyLaffline: Proverbs
C. EldridgeNE1-8080SillyLaffline: Quickie
C. EldridgeNE1-8081SillyLaffline: Radio Station
C. EldridgeNE1-8082SillyLaffline: Repair
C. EldridgeNE1-8083SillyLaffline: Reverse
C. EldridgeNE1-8084SillyLaffline: Saps
C. EldridgeNE1-8085SillyLaffline: Sea food
C. EldridgeNE1-8086SillyLaffline: Secretary
C. EldridgeNE1-8087SillyLaffline: Seymour 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8088SillyLaffline: Seymour 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8089SillyLaffline: Shell Answer Man
C. EldridgeNE1-8090SillyLaffline: Smoking
C. EldridgeNE1-8091SillyLaffline: Something
C. EldridgeNE1-8092SillyLaffline: Staff Meeting
C. EldridgeNE1-8093SillyLaffline: Star Trek
C. EldridgeNE1-8094SillyLaffline: Steal
C. EldridgeNE1-8095SillyLaffline: Streak
C. EldridgeNE1-8096SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8097SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8098SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8099SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8100SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8101SillyLaffline: Stupid Questions 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8102SillyLaffline: Stu Smokestak
C. EldridgeNE1-8103SillyLaffline: The Bar
C. EldridgeNE1-8104SillyLaffline: The Bet
C. EldridgeNE1-8105SillyLaffline: Time Lady
C. EldridgeNE1-8106SillyLaffline: Time Lady 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8107SillyLaffline: Track 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8108SillyLaffline: Track 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8109SillyLaffline: Track 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8110SillyLaffline: Track 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8111SillyLaffline: Track 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8112SillyLaffline: Track 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8113SillyLaffline: Track 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8114SillyLaffline: Track 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8115SillyLaffline: Unfinished
C. EldridgeNE1-8116SillyLaffline: Unusual City
C. EldridgeNE1-8117SillyLaffline: Used
C. EldridgeNE1-8118SillyLaffline: VOC1
C. EldridgeNE1-8119SillyLaffline: VOC2
C. EldridgeNE1-8120SillyLaffline: VOC3
C. EldridgeNE1-8121SillyLaffline: VOC4
C. EldridgeNE1-8122SillyLaffline: VOC5
C. EldridgeNE1-8123SillyLaffline: VOC6
C. EldridgeNE1-8124SillyLaffline: Waste Away
C. EldridgeNE1-8125SillyLaffline: Water
C. EldridgeNE1-8126SillyLaffline: Whine
C. EldridgeNE1-8127SillyLaffline: Winner
C. EldridgeNE1-8128SillyLaffline: Worthless
C. EldridgeNE1-8130SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8131SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8132SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8133SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8134SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1969 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8135SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8136SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8137SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8138SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8139SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8140SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8141SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8142SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8143SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 9
C. EldridgeNE1-8144SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 10
C. EldridgeNE1-8145SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 11
C. EldridgeNE1-8146SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 12
C. EldridgeNE1-8147SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 13
C. EldridgeNE1-8148SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 14
C. EldridgeNE1-8149SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 15
C. EldridgeNE1-8150SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 16
C. EldridgeNE1-8151SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 17
C. EldridgeNE1-8152SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 18
C. EldridgeNE1-8153SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 19
C. EldridgeNE1-8154SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 20
C. EldridgeNE1-8155SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 21
C. EldridgeNE1-8156SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 22
C. EldridgeNE1-8157SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 23
C. EldridgeNE1-8158SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 24
C. EldridgeNE1-8159SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 25
C. EldridgeNE1-8160SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 26
C. EldridgeNE1-8161SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 27
C. EldridgeNE1-8162SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 28
C. EldridgeNE1-8163SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 29
C. EldridgeNE1-8164SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda 1973 30
C. EldridgeNE1-8165SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8166SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8167SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8168SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8169SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8170SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 6
C. EldridgeNE1-8171SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 7
C. EldridgeNE1-8172SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 8
C. EldridgeNE1-8173SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 9
C. EldridgeNE1-8174SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 10
C. EldridgeNE1-8175SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 11
C. EldridgeNE1-8176SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 12
C. EldridgeNE1-8177SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 13
C. EldridgeNE1-8178SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 14
C. EldridgeNE1-8179SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 15
C. EldridgeNE1-8180SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 16
C. EldridgeNE1-8181SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 17
C. EldridgeNE1-8182SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 18
C. EldridgeNE1-8183SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 19
C. EldridgeNE1-8184SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 20
C. EldridgeNE1-8185SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 21
C. EldridgeNE1-8186SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 22
C. EldridgeNE1-8187SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 23
C. EldridgeNE1-8188SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 24
C. EldridgeNE1-8189SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 25
C. EldridgeNE1-8190SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 26
C. EldridgeNE1-8191SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 27
C. EldridgeNE1-8192SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 28
C. EldridgeNE1-8193SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 29
C. EldridgeNE1-8194SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 30
C. EldridgeNE1-8195SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 31
C. EldridgeNE1-8196SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 32
C. EldridgeNE1-8197SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 33
C. EldridgeNE1-8198SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 34
C. EldridgeNE1-8199SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 35
C. EldridgeNE1-8200SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 36
C. EldridgeNE1-8201SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 37
C. EldridgeNE1-8202SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 38
C. EldridgeNE1-8203SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 39
C. EldridgeNE1-8204SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 40
C. EldridgeNE1-8205SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 41
C. EldridgeNE1-8206SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 42
C. EldridgeNE1-8207SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 43
C. EldridgeNE1-8208SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 44
C. EldridgeNE1-8209SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 45
C. EldridgeNE1-8210SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 46
C. EldridgeNE1-8211SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 47
C. EldridgeNE1-8212SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 48
C. EldridgeNE1-8213SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 49
C. EldridgeNE1-8214SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 50
C. EldridgeNE1-8215SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 51
C. EldridgeNE1-8216SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 52
C. EldridgeNE1-8217SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 53
C. EldridgeNE1-8218SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 54
C. EldridgeNE1-8219SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 55
C. EldridgeNE1-8220SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 56
C. EldridgeNE1-8221SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 57
C. EldridgeNE1-8222SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 58
C. EldridgeNE1-8223SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 59
C. EldridgeNE1-8224SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 60
C. EldridgeNE1-8225SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 61
C. EldridgeNE1-8226SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 62
C. EldridgeNE1-8227SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 63
C. EldridgeNE1-8228SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 64
C. EldridgeNE1-8229SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 65
C. EldridgeNE1-8230SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 66
C. EldridgeNE1-8231SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 67
C. EldridgeNE1-8232SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 68
C. EldridgeNE1-8233SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 69
C. EldridgeNE1-8234SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 70
C. EldridgeNE1-8235SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 71
C. EldridgeNE1-8236SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 72
C. EldridgeNE1-8237SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 73
C. EldridgeNE1-8238SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 74
C. EldridgeNE1-8239SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 75
C. EldridgeNE1-8240SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 76
C. EldridgeNE1-8241SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 77
C. EldridgeNE1-8242SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 78
C. EldridgeNE1-8243SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 79
C. EldridgeNE1-8244SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 80
C. EldridgeNE1-8245SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 81
C. EldridgeNE1-8246SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 82
C. EldridgeNE1-8247SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 83
C. EldridgeNE1-8248SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 84
C. EldridgeNE1-8249SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 85
C. EldridgeNE1-8250SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 86
C. EldridgeNE1-8251SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 87
C. EldridgeNE1-8252SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 88
C. EldridgeNE1-8253SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 89
C. EldridgeNE1-8254SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 90
C. EldridgeNE1-8255SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 91
C. EldridgeNE1-8256SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 92
C. EldridgeNE1-8257SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 93
C. EldridgeNE1-8258SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 94
C. EldridgeNE1-8259SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 95
C. EldridgeNE1-8260SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 96
C. EldridgeNE1-8261SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 97
C. EldridgeNE1-8262SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 98
C. EldridgeNE1-8263SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 99
C. EldridgeNE1-8264SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 100
C. EldridgeNE1-8265SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 101
C. EldridgeNE1-8266SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 102
C. EldridgeNE1-8267SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 103
C. EldridgeNE1-8268SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 104
C. EldridgeNE1-8269SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 105
C. EldridgeNE1-8270SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 106
C. EldridgeNE1-8271SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 107
C. EldridgeNE1-8272SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 108
C. EldridgeNE1-8273SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 109
C. EldridgeNE1-8274SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 110
C. EldridgeNE1-8275SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 111
C. EldridgeNE1-8276SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 112
C. EldridgeNE1-8277SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 113
C. EldridgeNE1-8278SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 114
C. EldridgeNE1-8279SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 115
C. EldridgeNE1-8280SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 116
C. EldridgeNE1-8281SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 117
C. EldridgeNE1-8282SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 118
C. EldridgeNE1-8283SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 119
C. EldridgeNE1-8284SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 120
C. EldridgeNE1-8285SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 121
C. EldridgeNE1-8286SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 122
C. EldridgeNE1-8287SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 123
C. EldridgeNE1-8288SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 124
C. EldridgeNE1-8289SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 125
C. EldridgeNE1-8290SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 126
C. EldridgeNE1-8291SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 127
C. EldridgeNE1-8292SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 128
C. EldridgeNE1-8293SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 129
C. EldridgeNE1-8294SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 130
C. EldridgeNE1-8295SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 131
C. EldridgeNE1-8296SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 132
C. EldridgeNE1-8297SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 133
C. EldridgeNE1-8298SillyDial-A-Joke Roseda Master Tape 134
C. EldridgeNE1-8300SillyConvex Joke Line 1
C. EldridgeNE1-8301SillyConvex Joke Line 2
C. EldridgeNE1-8302SillyConvex Joke Line 3
C. EldridgeNE1-8303SillyConvex Joke Line 4
C. EldridgeNE1-8304SillyConvex Joke Line 5
C. EldridgeNE1-8305SillyConvex Joke Line 6