Mountain Electric


US PSTN — (315) 898-1680
US PSTN — (470) 480-3236
US PSTN — (929) 444-7176
US PSTN — (415) 475-9034
UK PSTN — +44 (0) 560-386-9932
UK PSTN — +44 7441 428054
C*NET — 1-231-1111

Special Network Numbers

  • 0 — Operator
  • 211 — Long Distance
  • 411 — Directory Assistance
  • 311 — "Party Line"
  • TI4-1212 — Time
  • WE6-1212 — Weather
  • POPCORN — Time & Temperature
  • 611 — Repair Service
  • 711 — TRS
  • 811 — Business Office
  • 660 — Dial & Ring Test
  • 958 — ANAC
  • 959 — Ringback

Dialing Procedures

  • NNX-XXXX — direct
  • 1 + NNX-XXXX — via StepNet
  • 0 + NNX-XXXX — via TSPS
  • 101-XXXX+ — Feature Group D
  • 950-WXXX — Feature Group B
  • 976-XXXX — Premium Rate (DIAL-IT)
  • ZEnith Numbers — Dial "Operator"

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N. AlbertBE1-1060TestThe Test Call
N. AlbertBE1-2543Test231-CLID: Orange Box. Will orange box your CPE with your Caller ID
N. AlbertBE1-5510TestRevertive Pulsing sample
N. AlbertBE1-5511TestRevertive Pulse Generator: Panel
N. AlbertBE1-5512TestRevertive Pulse Generator: Panel; B-side
N. AlbertBE1-5513Test Revertive Pulse Generator: 1XB
N. AlbertBE1-5514TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 1XB; B-side
N. AlbertBE1-5515TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 5XB
N. AlbertBE1-5516TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 5XB; B-side
N. AlbertBE1-5521Test Revertive Pulse Generator: Panel w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5522Test Revertive Pulse Generator: Panel w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5523TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 1XB w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5524TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 1XB w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5525TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 5XB w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5526TestRevertive Pulse Generator: 5XB w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5530TestListen to this extension number being dial pulsed
N. AlbertBE1-5531TestDial Pulse Generator w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5532TestDial Pulse Generator w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5533TestDial Pulse Generator var. length w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5534TestDial Pulse Generator var. length w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5540TestListen to the SF outpulser generate SF pulses for this extension number
N. AlbertBE1-5541TestSF Burst Generator w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5542TestSF Burst Generator w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5543TestSF Burst Generator var. length w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5544TestSF Burst Generator var. length w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5550Test Listen to the MF generator generate MF tones for this extension number
N. AlbertBE1-5551Test MF Tone Generator w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5552Test MF Tone Generator w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5553Test MF Tone Generator var. length w/ digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5554Test MF Tone Generator var. length w/o digit readback
N. AlbertBE1-5555TestMFs Caller ID
N. AlbertBE1-5560TestMF Tone Generator #2: Listen to another MF generator generate MF tones for this extension number
S. AutumnAD2-9552TestSupervision Test - Have fun, but don’t hammer it
N. AlbertBE4-1313TestTEST LINE: CVS Code
N. AlbertBE4-1314TestTEST LINE: ANI II digits
N. AlbertBE4-4000TestDirectory Assistance Audio Test
M. Blocker260-9931TestEcho Test
C. EldridgeEV3-9902TestDirect Distance Dialing Test Number
R. Grant442-3319TestUK Maintenance Analysis Test Number
R. Grant442-3399TestUK Test Number
R. Grant442-8920TestMinimal for testinge
R. Grant442-8999TestRing then Tock Test
D. Froula762-0199TestSupervision test Flashes 2600 Hz. Routed through a 2600-controlled trunk so that operation of the notch filter may be heard. Two cheeps of 2600 are heard for each burst of 2600, one when the tone is applied, one when removed, as the DSP filter "rings".
D. Froula762-0555TestRevertive Pulse Generator Repeatedly prompts for a 4-digit number and converts to revertive pulses, as generated by the Incoming and Final frames of a panel switch.
D. Froula762-1111TestCNAM Reverse Lookup Enter a 10-digit phone number after the voice prompt and beep. The system performs a reverse lookup from a real CNAM database and spells out the resulting name twice.
D. Froula762-2020TestMonitor SF or DP tandem trunks Monitors the near and far SF/DP tandem trunks used for the ProjectMF system. Trunks 1-24 (SF/MF) and 49-72 (DP) are on the originating tandem trunk group, paired with trunks 25-48 (SF/MF) and 73-96 (DP) on the terminating tandem trunk group. Channels are paired 1 and 25, 2 and 26, 3 and 27 and so on. You can listen to the same call from the perspective of either end of the trunk.
D. Froula762-2606TestSample Toneplant Tones US and UK modern and vintage telephony tones generated by the Arduino toneplant software written by Don Froula. Build your own tone plant. Contact Don for info.
S. EwingSY1-8000TestTest Line